The Hidden Truth About the Female Penis (Warning: Graphic Images)


Did you know that female and male reproductive organs aren’t all that different from each other?  During the first few weeks of fetal development the internal and external sex organs are the same in both boys and girls. It is not until the 16th to 18th week of pregnancy that a baby’s gender can be determined.  Basically, the structures are very similar – it is just the placement and purposes that vary.  If you compare a woman’s cervix and the glans of a male’s penis you can see how similar they look:

9298287 Glans of a penis

age-45-day-19wv-150x150 A woman’s cervix (speculum view)

When the cervix is pulled down through the vagina it looks similar to a penis – but without the skin.  The cervix (followed by  the uterus) is being pulled out through the vagina in the image below:

27052009(002)Female reproductive organs remain inside the pelvic structure while male organs descend.  The descent is not complete until after birth, as male testicles do not drop down into the scrotum until about 6 months of age:

index.jpg77drk001370Did you know that the uterus and cervix play an important role during orgasm? The uterus is responsible for the strong, sustained contractions; the cervix dips, supports, and increases sensitivity.

Did you know that incidence of testis cancer in men is similar to incidence of cervical cancer in women?  Incidence of testis cancer per 100,000 is 6.75, incidence of cervical cancer of per 100,000 is 7.46 (Canadian statistics).  Incidence of prostate cancer is much higher at 140 per 100,000.

Given the similarities between female and male sex organs . . .

Why are women’s sex organs depicted as vulnerable and in need of constant examination?
Why are men not subjected to the same pressures?  Why have womens’ reproductive organs spawned such a lucrative medical industry?
Why are women subjected to invasive exams so disproportionate to the risk or to the attention given to men?
Why are women castrated at rates that are unimaginable for men?


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Hi. My name is Sue and I am interested in promoting holistic and respectful health care.
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12 Responses to The Hidden Truth About the Female Penis (Warning: Graphic Images)

  1. Moo says:

    Very informative.

    I might add that the cervix also serves a function to filter the semen with a mesh of mucus it’s gland cells produce. Unfiltered semen cannot be injected into the uterus during an artificial insemination. It must be washed first. A functioning (intact) cervix does the filtering naturally.

    I believe that circumcision of male babies and children is totally wrong. If an adult male decides to have the procedure for whatever reason fine. It just seems that so many doctors support infant circumcision and they are probably the same ones who think that amputating a women’s cervix during a LEEP or cone biopsy is just fine too. It is totally wrong and about 20% of women who have LEEP done have dysplasia come back (who knows if the original reason was for HPV infection anyway) . These disfiguring surgeries that cause sexual dysfunction and harm to men and women should be stopped.

    While some people might not think that a comparison of circumcision to LEEP is fair, I might point out that what if often behind all the excessive pap testing and treatments is misogyny. Men might have a circumcision for religious reasons or falsely because it is believed to be more hygienic. Then only the minimum amount of the foreskin is removed. Rarely is circumcision recommended for medical reasons.

    Men can have HPV lesions inside their urethra and between the foreskin and the glands only they are never scraped at yearly intervals their whole adults life. I might note that homosexual men are being anally pap tested at the same rate as some women. Some of them find the procedures and “treatments” as upsetting as most women. The Gay lesbian trans community have been abused by the medical industry for years now.

  2. OverItAll says:

    Oddly you can vaginally remove kidneys. Haven’t looked into how. The vagina connects to the uterus via cervix but the kidneys are not connected to the uterus in any way.

    Circumcision is useless unless there’s a clear medical reason requiring circ. I never understood how putting an open wound in a diaper/nappy filled with feces and urine with a proven 99% risk of infection outweighed simply waiting till the. Kid was older and willing to choose for himself. We left our son “natural” after my research. As far as religious reasons go, if a god wanted the penis to look a certain way, wouldn’t that god have created the penis to look that way? I read a few articles saying thd foreskin prevents hpv and has antibacterial purposes. Another thing, they say circ reduces smegma. The female labia also make smegma, yet it’s illegal to rempve them.

  3. Mary says:

    What really pisses me if off is that doctors to this day still tell women sex is better after hysterectomy because ‘you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant! ‘Yep this sort of BS is actually spouted in old medical journals like The Lancet. It’s written by clueless male gynecologists of course. What the fuck (excuse the pun)would they know about the female orgasm? That’s why it pisses me off that people pooh pooh women who say they want a female gynecologist. They DO know their physiology better than any male doctor. I read countless articles from people in the medical profession worried about the dwindling numbers of men going into gynecology. Nobody seems too worried that there aren’t many female urologists. Go to hell male gynecologists – you’ve needlessly butchered women’s bodies over the decades.

    • Al says:

      So true, Mary! According to the same logic, sex will be even better without men’s testicles. We definitely won’t need to worry about getting pregnant! Shall we proceed? ;-) Let’s start with the doctor who said that nonsense about the uterus.

      I think men should be banned from telling women what’s better for their reproductive organs, orgasms or how painful (or not) something is. Male obgyns are the biggest nonsense medical systems keep producing all over the world!

    • Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:


    • It’s true there aren’t many female urologists so I’m not sure whether I’m lucky or unlucky to have had a female urologist treat me after an accident that damaged my testicles. After many tests and delays (requested by me) she eventually convinced me that my testicles were beyond saving and that they’d have to be removed. I doubt a male doctor would have held out for any longer. Anyway, I think I can relate to your concerns: a female urologist removed my testicles, female nurses dressed my wounds, and a female endocrinologist is helping me get my testosterone levels back to normal. All very professional, though.

  4. lizza869 says:

    I found this reasoning as to why men don’t have a test for HPV. After all it is what causes cancer in women so why shouldn’t men be tested as well??

    “Finally, there exists yet another reason why a clinical HPV test for men is not yet available. For one thing, we don’t yet know which part of the male genitals should be tested for the virus. Also, it is generally much more difficult to collect a good cell sample from male genital skin than from female genitals, because the male genitalia have tougher and thicker covering than does the cervix. Recent research studies have looked at ways of getting a better sample from men, such as using a fine-grade of sand paper to “exfoliate” the skin; yes, our reaction was the same as yours…”

    Obviously this was written by a man because I am pretty sure a pap test feels exactly like someone scraping your insides with sandpaper!! Why isn’t more research being put into testing men? Why aren’t they pressured to get tests done regularly?

    Oh that’s right because its usually men who control the funding for research and conduct it and lets be honest they would much rather make women take their clothes off and look inside their vaginas then look at a mans genitals.

  5. Moo says:

    I found the research paper about the sandpaper.

  6. Anonymous says:

    asob ke valo lage.women penis seeee!!!!

  7. samuel says:

    It is real! Cos some woman have a real penis

  8. Look at this disturbing article Dr. Bernstein has about a doctor doing clitoral exams on girls to test their sexual response, Bioethics Discussion Blog: Clitoral Sensitivity Study in Children: A Question of Ethics at I think this is horrible and it is definitely sexual abuse. Maybe some of you can comment on this article.

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