Sexually Abusive Doctors Must Lose Licenses: Petition

A petition to stop a doctor from abusing women is quickly gaining signatures on Care2 right now  An OBGYN practicing at the University of Southern California had many complaints against him but he was permitted to continue seeing patients.

Incidence of sexual abuse within health care is much higher than many people might imagine, rivaling levels found in the church and other major institutions.  Unfortunately, many barriers exist when sexual abuse occurs in the context of health care, including a lack of support and justice for those who come forward.

Petitions can help hold doctors accountable.  Doctors with complaints against them are often allowed to continue practicing.  One study spanning 10 years found two-thirds of doctors with “strong evidence of sexual misconduct against them had not been disciplined by medical boards”  Another study found that abusive doctors are often viewed as “sympathetic figures in need of therapy instead of predators who must answer to police” (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Doctors & Sex Abuse).

The persistent, dismissive attitude towards women abused by doctors has continued for a long time.  Even the #MeToo movement seems to have overlooked women who have been abused in the context of health care.  Women are taking matters into their own hands.

More details on the OBGYN case here:

Thanks to Elizabeth for posting the original comment related to this issue and to Chas for linking the petition


  1. Sue,

    Thank you for this article! I am not surprised about this because it is very common for male gynecologists to abuse women for many years. I am surprised that they finally fired him. There were many complaints about him over the years that were ignored.

    I think it’s sad that he did not lose his license to practice medicine immediately. This proves that the medical industry is so powerful. We cannot trust the medical industry to protect us so it is best to educate women about how to protect themselves.

    I recently developed a 12 page booklet about how women can protect themselves in medical settings. I ordered 500 for printing.

    I would love to see if there are some women here who would be willing to volunteer their time to pass out those booklets to women. We also will need some financial support to get more booklets printed.


    • Hi Misty, it was my pleasure! It’s great you created a booklet on this topic. Waiting around for medical associations to protect women hasn’t been working all that well. Would you be able to provide a link to the booklet, or some type of preview?

    • I would love to help out, I can do a youtube video on it and see if women are interested in ordering.

  2. Not surprised about this. Womens complaints about abusive doctors are usually completely dismissed and trivialised – surprisingly by other women, and the healthcare authorities.

    I had a male cardiologist demanding to do a breast exam on me before he would do anything else. When I refused he cancelled the appointment! I wasn’t seeing him about a breast problem!

    I made a complaint to the Health Care Commission, and they dismissed my complaint saying I should go and find another cardiologist because he is allowed to insist on whatever he wants ‘medically’!! Still haven’t seen another cardiologist.

    A lot of the time, you’re on your own unless you submit to anything and everything a doctor wants, good or bad. I’m still fighting against that kind of attitude.

    • That’s terrible that a cardiologist wanted to do a breast exam on. I am glad you refused to give in. Sadly, many women feel they have to give in even if they know it is an unnecessary breast exam.

      The truth is a cardiologist should never do a breast exam period. A breast exam has nothing to do with your heart.


  3. I thought I was okay, but I am not.

    I still have feelings of violation from a pap smear that I was coerced into having in November for heavy bleeding. I thought I could trust this doctor because he delivered three of my cousins, and all the women in my family raved about how good his bedside manner is. I also thought sure enough If I got the pap smear that it would lead to some abdominal imaging, which is what I really wanted and still need. He didn’t refer me for anything afterwards, and I was feeling so violated at the end I just didn’t ask. All I was prescribed was birth control without any blood tests or anything, “don’t self diagnose.” they say. The doctors in women’s healthcare are doing this all the time by just giving us chemical drugs without doing any kind blood test. I could have prescribed myself birth control without having this violating exam. I still don’t understand why he wanted to perform this exam on me when I told him I was a virgin. I still can not shake these icky feelings, I can’t go to sleep at night without having a PTSD episode. In a way I really want to confront this man about my feelings. I thought about setting an appointment just so I can reject the pap smear and take back control over my body, but how silly does this sound?

    I trusted this so called “Professional” with my body and he totally violated it. I went through with it because he told me if I felt any pain at anytime in the exam that he would stop. When I expressed my feeling of pain during the exam he dismissed me and kept going on with the exam stating “Im almost finished,” which he wasn’t because he had just inserted the speculum. He explained nothing, and It seemed like he liked that I was in pain. The whole time I was screaming seemed like he was taking his time, like he was coloring my cervix with a marker. I just got such a sick feeling from this exam. I don’t even feel like a virgin anymore. After the pap smear was over he proceeded to do the bimanual exam with one finger, I said no and started to sit up. This man says “C’mon it’s just one finger” and shoved it in anyway. The way he shoved it in was very forceful and it winded me. I keep reliving this moment and I can’t get rid of it. I am trying meditation, and doing things I love to get my mind off of it and it still keeps coming back. I am at my wits’ end, and I am thinking of doing hypnotherapy. It’s like a never ending agonizing cycle, like i’m living in a bad dream. I feel like I should have had sex before I went to this appt because now I don’t think I will ever be able to go through with it. Now, I wouldn’t feel like I would be able to give my whole self to my partner. This doctor has forever scarred me and I hope to educate other women about the psychological harms this exam can have on women. We were taught for so long not to let strangers touch our private areas, and to keep our legs closed, this is just a contradiction.

    A “True” health care provider is supposed to make the patient feel as comfortable as they can given the fact that they are in the patients most intimate areas. I believe that most gynecologist pick this field out of perversion, some could even be undercover rapists. You would never be able to tell because women are blatantly opening their legs, so the doctor perverts don’t have to go out and rape a women, they’re getting all they need just from coming to work everyday, and they get an incentive?! oh boy! I don’t think I will ever let a doctor near my private areas again until they fix this broken system.

    I really find it hard to believe that out of all this technology we have, there are no imaging tests that can protect a woman’s modesty in order to receive healthcare. They rely on this stupid exam that does nothing in detecting ovarian cancer which is the real silent killer. At what cost does it take for us women to “Be healthy?” because I feel worse after the exam than I was before.

    I am so sorry for the long post, I could not find my original post to post it on there, so I just thought I would share with yall how I am really feeling after I tried many attempts of suppressing my feelings.

    • leeb1,

      I am so sorry to hear about your experience. The truth is a pap smear is rarely necessary for virgins. It’s sickening about how doctors can do unnecessary exams. Pap smears do not help with detecting ovarian cancer at all.

      I agree with you that many male gynecologists could be undercover rapists.

      I appreciate your desire to help other women. We need to educate as many women as possible.

      What part of US are you from? I encourage you to consider filing a complaint about this doctor to the state medical board and put bad reviews about him on the Internet.


      • Yes, I agree that the test shouldn’t screen virgins. I believe virgins put themselves at a higher risk just by having the doctor scrape the cells off the cervix. If the speculum is not sterilized properly, they can scrape the disease up your cervix. I pray to God that this did not happen to me.
        I am just so happy I have people on here that agree with me, thank you. I am from Alabama.

      • Disposable plastic Speculums (speculi) are sold in bulk packages which are not sterile. These are used in most practices because they are cheap. Sterile individually wrapped disposable speculi are also sold but mostly used for pregnant patients.

        The huge debate was also over metal reusable speculi which are “disinfected” or often improperly sterilized.
        This paper discusses how hpv can be passed without sexual activity.

        Women should be clear about what they consent to in an exam. Clearly stating “I do not consent to this __________ test or exam” is necessary. Also calling the police first rather than complaining to a hospital or clinic official is important in clear cases of assault or abuse. I am not a lawyer but why should’nt patients stand up for their rights to their body?

      • Moo, have you ever been able to find out how all the plastic speculi are disposed of after the procedure? Are they made of recyclable plastic? There must be a mountain of them somewhere.

    • What a dreadful experience!
      It seems like there should be another petition: against all medical practitioners who lied and deceived their patients by promising to immediately stop the painful procedure when the patient asks, and instead continue the torture saying “almost finished” again and again. Every person has been through this. Any wonder so many no longer trust or go to doctors anymore.

      • I really don’t trust any doctors any more. They are money hungry misogynistic pigs. I actually was on the phone with my sister last night. She was sick as a dog with a common cold. The cold was so bad that her eyes started to swell. She decided to call the “Doctor on demand.” Pease enlighten me as to why this doctor had the nerve to ask about her sexual history. Her sinuses are not connected to her vagina in any way, it has nothing to do with a common cold. When my sister told her about her modest sexual history this doctor then spent 20 minutes discussing how great it was that she wasn’t sleeping around, and about all the incurable STI’s that are out there. My sister is a grown woman, she did not need a pep talk on sex when she scheduled the appointment for a common cold. I guarantee that this doctor wouldn’t have asked a man about his sexual history. The medical field is filled with a bunch of misogynistic bastards that treat women as if we are little kids that don’t know how to properly take care of our bodies. That doctor was really a trigger for me and really made me angry. Whether my sister slept around or not was really none of her business.

    • It seems that every doctor is this way. I had a doctor to try to persuade me that he can use a speculum without breaking my hymen. Really? How is something three times the size of a penis NOT going to break a hymen?

      Doctors who lie should be fired. He doesn’t get to dictate my first sexual experience or when and how my hymen is broken.

      If these doctors really cared about women, abdominal ultrasounds would always be requested first before anything else. Ovarian cance is far more sneaky and common than cervical cancer, but they won’t screen for that because it doesn’t involve dropping someone’s panties.

      I once had a ovarian cancer scare because a CT scan for something else showed a cyst on my ovary but it could not show if it were benign or malignant. My doctor automatically started calling the local GYNs to schedule an abdominal ultrasound only (he knew I would not agree to anything else and his focus was to get the most accurate exam to which I would agree).

      He could never get the appointment because they were dragging their feet as soon as they saw on the chart a 32 year old, 5’4, 130 pounds – and knew that they would NOT be seeing her breasts and vagina. Despite the doctor declaring that it might be an emergency due to possible malignancy, they didn’t care.

      Eventually, I made my own appointment with a different GYN. They automatically tried to list me for a breast and vagina exam and when I turned it down, they made me wait a month for the ultrasound.

      When I finally got in, an old creepy doctor kept staring at me wide-eyed and asking if I would like a pelvic exam with the ultrasound. I said that I was a virgin and that’s unnecessary. He then asked the technician to do a transvaginal ultrasound instead, but she didn’t listen. She said that she was quite confident that she could see with just the abdominal. Everything was clear, healthy, and the cyst was small and benign.

      Afterward, the creepy doctor asked again if he could do a pelvic exam “since you are here”. I refused and proceeded to ask a question about the cyst, but he brushed it off and said “unless you are getting a pelvic exam, then I have to go”.

      • Alabama never disappoints, being one of the poorest states in the US and with one of the worst health outcomes but still wasting resources. But please be wary of any type of ultrasound – they can show certain characteristics in an ovarian cyst which may suggest a malignancy, but the only way to know for certain is to remove the cyst via an operation, which many times leads to unnecessary surgery. You’re right that ovarian cancer is sneaky and takes many more lives than cervical cancer, but there is no early screening test for it, though some gyns will try to sell you on ultrasounds and tumer marker blood tests, especially if you have a family history.

      • Ah, but just think: If they performed abdominal ultrasounds on women to screen for ovarian cancer as often as they push for pap tests, there would be millions of women found to have “incidentalomas” – cancers which are sufficiently small and slow-growing that these women will die WITH it, not FROM it. But, they’d all be “treated” with surgery, radiation, chemo – and there would suddenly be lots of women acting like a cheerleading squad for these tests and interventions that “saved” their lives. It’s mongering for pseudodisease.

        I have a better option: I’ll come up for an overarching test for cancer. My test will identify 100% of the takers as having cancer. We’ll treat them. We will have close to 100% survival rate from the cancer – except those “brave” people who lost their lives fighting the cancer, as they died from the treatments.

        The truth is that all of us have a few cancer cells in our bodies. Our immune systems kill most of them. This universal detection would find it, but most people would be harmed from that finding, and the ensuing treatments and surgeries.

        Moreover, even those who would have died of cancer, or will anyway in spite of these early treatments, have been harmed. They lost the months, years, or decades of quality lives of being mostly well in exchange for spending months, years, or decades as a cancer patient or survivor – who must be monitored closely unless the cancer returns.

      • Judy, they also claim that’s the reason we should all be having routine pelvic exams, to catch ovarian cancer. Of course, it’s a highly unreliable screening exam and I know some of your gynaecologists/doctors believes they’re responsible for the loss of a lot of healthy ovaries,
        American women have more than twice the number of oophorectomies than we do (or UK women or women in any country who don’t have routine pelvic exams) Routine TVU are also fishing exercises that cause more harm than good, a lot more harm, I was shocked to read some countries promote routine TVU. Why this obsession to probe and explore our reproductive organs and breasts? It’s not sound healthcare, so it must be something else, the 3 P’s – power, profits and perversion.
        I know some of our GPs still do a bimanual exam when they do a pap test (or HPV test) but that’s been mentioned in the Red Book for GPs for years, don’t do routine pelvic exams!
        “Screening pelvic examinations for the detection of pathology in asymptomatic, non-pregnant, adult women is not recommended because there is no evidence of benefit. Also refer to Chapter 15. Screening tests of unproven benefit.”

        More needs to be done to stop GPs doing exams that are not recommended and very likely to harm us.

  4. I’m so sorry this happened to you. Even though it can’t erase what happened, your reaching out in such an eloquent way shows your resourcefulness and inner strength and will also help other women. And thank you for mentioning the fact that ovarian cancer, which as you know is a silent killer, is not even detected in this exam. This fact is so often lost in the obsession with cervixes and pap smears.

  5. Definitely consider Misty’s suggestions of putting bad reviews of this practice online and/or filing a complaint with the state medical association. Alabama is an ultra-conservative state, so I dont know if that helps or hurts. But ultimately it’s all about you and your comfort level and your healing. Allow the wisdom and support here to strengthen you, just as you have strengthend all of us by sharing you story.

    • I don’t think I am going to file a complaint only because family members go to him and I wouldn’t want him to do anything to harm them. I may just call the clinic and pull my records. I still owe them money but I can’t seem to bring myself to pay for something so awful. If anyone would like to talk with me one on one to calm my anxiety that would be great, we can exchange emails. Moo’s comment just gave me more anxiety added to the anxiety I already had regarding the exam. It’s been 7 months and I haven’t noticed any HPV symptoms. I have been watching myself closely since having it done. I know for sure he used a “Virginal” reusable speculum…. If only I had a time machine.

  6. I believe the chances of your contracting HPV from this incident are quite low and even in the off chance you did, in the vast majority of cases it’s cleared from the body harmlessly on its own. Certainly pull your records from this joke of an office and I wouldn’t pay them either. I don’t know if it’s possible for posters to email each other privately but please keep posting. We’re here for you.

    • Ok Thank You. I will try to report him anonymously, do y’all know if they have access to your email if you post anonymously? I am going to pull my records from the office this week. I just know that going back there to pick them up will really trigger me. I really hope that they don’t send me one of those sexual harassment letters reminding me to set an appointment either. I guess that I could tell them to take me off of the list when I pick up my records.
      I know this is off the record but I saw this ad for a phone app that can be placed against the walls and you can see through them. It brings me to the fact that they came up with that technology, but don’t have the technology to look in a woman’s body without poking and prodding.

  7. Thank you so much for this website! I have endeavoring it, and have bought several recommended books, including linda’s! I have also learned that any doctor pushing me for a pap is actually endangering my health even if their rhetoric was correct, because I am one of those unicorns, a true virgin at 39, planning for lifelong celibacy – seriously, never even had a tampon or finger in there, much less anything that could give me hpv!

    You are providing an important service and promoting true feminism, the kind that informs women and respects their choices, as opposed to the bikini medicine brand of feminism that is nothing but patriarchy that has co-opted feminist rhetoric and sentiment.

      • Hi Demon. So glad you found us. Keep on reading the posts and comments to really become informed and empowered. Sounds like you have a mind of your own anyway.

    • Hello. So am I. It upsets me that my doctors don’t believe me and want to do a pap “just in case”.

      I have never had anything there… not even my own finger. Pads give me rashes, but I have struggled for twenty+ years with those so that I would not have to wear tampons.

      I absolutely want my first penetration ever to be with my husband as G*d intended.

  8. There seems to be a few male doctors in court at the moment, are we finally catching up with some that have been abusing their trusted positions for decades? I think so…
    Currently, a jury is considering the evidence presented at a lengthy trial of an immunologist who, it’s alleged, did unnecessary breast, vaginal and pelvic exams.
    I suspect the modus operandi will be familiar to lots of women, these woman were in her 20s, 30s or 40s and presented with dermatitis, eczema, etc.
    Note in the 1980s most women didn’t have a choice of doctor, the profession was almost entirely male. I believe lines were routinely crossed back then, it still happens today but doctors have to be more careful, they might just find a police officer in their waiting room, I think it means predatory doctors have to choose their victims very carefully. Doctors can no longer rely on the Medical Board doing nothing or slapping them over the wrist.
    The current trial:
    The specialist asks:
    “Are you sexually active?”
    Most women answered the question even though they probably wondered what that had to do with their dermatitis, but he’s the professional.
    Do you have a low libido? Do you have vaginal dryness?
    The Crown alleges this line of questioning was a lead-in for the “I’d like to do an internal exam now”…most women agreed to the exam.
    Some refused…and gave evidence the doctors demeanour changed at that point.

    Speaking generally, the modus operandi in these cases is important, IMO, perfected over many years, what works best – what gets most women undressed and on the exam table.
    The doctor is in a position of power – it’s a very difficult thing to challenge a predator in a white coat – it’s very hard to get up and leave. Some women said they agreed because they didn’t want to appear difficult – I think women have been trained to blindly comply to medical orders, but thankfully, that’s changing…look at the way cervical screening was “offered” to women, often women were coerced into testing simply because they wanted the Pill, a predator’s dream. We were basically told to blindly comply with the order to screen, don’t ask questions, a complaint would likely return an admonishment, “you SHOULD be having Pap tests, a doctor shouldn’t have to force you, you should thank him, he might have saved your life!” etc.

    There are 40+ women involved in the current trial, the offences go back to the late 80s until more recently…
    I think we need to be on guard when we see a doctor, especially an unknown doctor, we need to have a strategy that can be used to get out of an uncomfortable situation.
    IMO, that inner voice is usually a very reliable judge of character…

    • Good if the justice is finally catching up with patient abuse, though it most likely will be a very slow and backward process.

      The problem with the medical field is the presumption that the doctor is always right while the patient is a hysterical idiot unless proven otherwise; and the fact that the medical system is self-governing and self-controlled as doctors only answer to their colleagues, and most doctors will rather see the patient suffer than spoil their work relationships; and the fact that medical information about the patient belongs to anyone but the patient – the government, the doctor, the lab, the hospital, the medical centre, the bureau of statistics – every Tom, Dick and Harry, but not the woman. It is very hard to prove anything and defend onself in such climate.

      • No doubt in my mind, it’s women going straight to the Police after a sexual assault in a medical setting, that’s making a difference.
        Why should Medical Boards deal with alleged sexual assault anyway?
        Or the Church or any other group. It’s obvious your own is hardly going to be impartial, cover up/fob off, protecting the reputation of the profession, getting rid of any liability or avoiding bad publicity will be their focus, we’ve seen that In so many cases.
        Anyone accused of criminal conduct should be handed over to the Police.

        I’ve always felt the Medical Board was there to protect doctors, not patients.
        Now you often see them playing catch up when the Police are involved, they can’t sit on their hands for ages or fob off complaints, even multiple complaints over many years or give the doctor a “warning”.
        We had a woman post here a while ago, she was going on a modelling assignment and was required to have a medical for the insurance – the doctor insisted on a breast exam or she wouldn’t get her clearance certificate. (coercion) The young woman made a complaint to the hospital, the accused doctor made the excuse that he’d offered her a breast exam and she accepted – of course, they knew a routine breast exam was not a requirement for the insurance cover – it was inappropriate to even offer one.
        The Board that considered the conduct would have known, IMO, that the doctor hoped to enjoy this young woman’s breasts for 5 minutes, using his medical position of trust as a cover.

        Here it would be even more damning because the exam was scrapped long ago – yet we have doctors here who lamely state,”we were taught to do a breast exam when I was in medical school in 1975″…this excuse may not be accepted without criticism, but the convenient inference is that the doctor just needs a refresher, he’s out of date. I’m sure some doctors will try-it-on if they find a patient attractive and think they can get away with it.
        It’s a big step to go to the Police, but it’s a brutal wake-up call when these predators find the Police sitting in their waiting room, they must then have a sinking feeling that the good old days are over, no longer is it safe to sexually assault a woman and call it a medical exam. You might get away with it, you might not….also, even if you get away with that assault, another woman may complain and others may then come forward and speak to the Police. The dermatologist who was raping women digitally and taking photos on his phone came crashing down when a brazen assault went straight to the Police.

  9. How can you check for hidden cameras in washrooms, exam rooms, change rooms? And then what exactly can you do if you find them? Do you leave and call police or call police while you are there? What evidence do police need to make charges?

    Also do people realize that using a camera in their baby’s or child’s bedroom could be a problem? If the camera is only on a baby’s crib to see if a child is sleeping or not, ok. It should never been facing an area where the child is being changed or bathed. These cameras are often hooked up to wifi or people’s phones and they can be hacked from someone outside the home.

    Also it is disturbing how many people think it is ok to use a camera in their family bathroom and all around their home to spy on their babysitter or nanny. They are making pornography.

  10. Criminals put cameras in public bathrooms in other businesses too. While you cannot do a sweep of the area, look for lights where they don’t belong, or things hanging in or around the toilet.

    For a doctor who is wearing Google Glasses, or the like, the answer is just “no”.

    And, nanny cams and baby monitors can easily be hacked into by anyone within WIFI range. It’s not just for modesty concerns – but they can eavesdrop on other private conversations you may have, get pictures of the layout of your home and anything in it they consider worth stealing – including the baby. They know when you’re home and when you’re not.

  11. I was told if you find a camera then you are not supposed to remove it, just call police. However the police might not put charges unless they have evidence than photos of genitals were taken without consent.

    • What a disgusting ignorant article. Not one word about pap smears being an unreliable test for a rare cancer or any indication women may have done their own research and made an informed choice. Or just chose not to undergo the painful humiliating procedure. Rather, the fault may be the “confusing” guidelines. Articles like this are why women can’t seek health care without being harrassed.

    • It’s a disgusting article, but it shows that there may be hope for this yet. Note that it claims that it’s mostly *young women* who are not getting their smears. What that may mean is that young women are trusting their instincts that there is “something wrong” with this test and the emphasis on it, that they’ve found out that it’s unreliable – and ESPECIALLY UNRELIABLE for them at that age. That they’re choosing to not be put on this assembly line of interventions that leads directly to infertility and to hysterectomy. They may be choosing to not let strange men insert objects and their hands into their vaginas.

      It would be nice if women could access healthcare without this level of sexual harassment as an “entrance fee”, but I doubt that will happen anytime soon.

      • I totally agree, I think women more and more are NOT automatically doing what the doctor says, instead they are questioning things and thinking for themselves. They are using the web to find out the pros and cons of cervical screening and making their own choice, an informed choice. I know I have! No screening for me, UNLESS I have symptoms that worry me.

        My uncle died last year from bile duct cancer. Very sudden, diagnosed one werk, gone another week later. I think that no doctor ever stopped him and asked him, if he wanted bile duct cancer screening (there isnt one, its just abnormal blood tests), but it shows you can have and die from ANY cancer, and obsessively screening for just one-or-two as the flavour of the month (hello pap smear and boob squashing!!) is very narrow minded.

        I’m over 40 now, and getting close to 50, and I’m very aware that the push for me to begin mammograms will be coming from everywhere (doctors, breastscreen, celebrities, breast cancer charities, etc…), but I have chosen to decline mammograms. And you can bet that NO doctor will ask me if I want/need heart screening, liver screening, kidney screening, or neurological screening (parkinsons), even though immediate members of my family have died from (or currently have) all of those problems!

        Heck, the one and ONLY appointment I had with a cardiologist was cancelled by him because he demanded to do a manual breast exam on me before he did anything else!! Finding breast cancer was deemed more important than checking my heart… I told him I wasnt there for breast screening and clinical breast exams had been proven to be unreliable. He didnt care, he cancelled my appointmentas a non-compliant patient!! I reported him to the Health Care Commission, and they said he could demand any test he wanted, and if I didnt like it, I could see someone else. Well, I’ll just go stand quietly in the corner and have a heart attack where I won’t disturb anyone, shall I??

        This is the extent of the frenzied and crazy determination of the medical profession (and the media, and most women) that, the cervix and boobs are the ONLY things that matter…

        I read a letter in the newspaper from a woman where she was in a cancer ward, suffering from a cancer which was NOT breast cancer. She wrote that one morning, several female volunteers entered the ward and started handing out hugs and gifts to the female patients there. When they got to her, they handed her a gift and gave her a hug, then asked what stage her breast cancer was. She told them she didn’t have breast cancer, she had some other cancer. The volunteer straightened up, took back the gift, and flatly told her they were only there to support breast cancer patients, and left the room!

        Just goes to show the extent of the brainwashing. Have breast cancer, the world is there to support you. Dont have that? You’re not important and you’re on your own. Strewth.

  12. Ozphoenix: Yes, you will likely have screenings for heart and liver and kidney. The liver and kidney will come in the form of blood tests. You won’t specifically consent to those tests – and it’s very difficult to find out just WHAT tests they’re drawing blood for. They won’t do anything until the liver or kidneys are in crisis mode.

    If you ever have surgery that requires anesthesia, you’ll be sent for an EKG. I’ve never had anyone who insisted upon groping my breasts though. I’ve had female EKG techs who had ME moving my boobs around so they could get under them to stick on electrical leads, and had me remove those leads. Now, if you NEED that surgery and your heart is somehow too weak to withstand the anesthesia…. I guess you have to choose of dying from a burst appendix or something and dying of a heart attack on the operating table. It’s just a CYA thing, and something that you know the risks of (anesthesia) and heart. They do this test on young people who have no known heart conditions “just in case”. It’s a CYA thing costing the patients and their insurance thousands of dollars with every surgery.

    On the cardio doc giving breast exams free with every female cardio consult…. if reporting him to the State department of health or the State license board (for physicians and surgeons) doesn’t do, try reporting him to the insurance company. If he takes Medicare or Medicaid (and other government programs), you can report him to THEIR “Waste, Fraud, and Abuse” line. Another thing you can do is leave a bad review.

    Yes, you can go to somebody else. That’s your only option. It’s too bad that real healthcare is unavailable, especially to women, only this “healthscare” crap – don’t worry about actual problems, but did you know you could DIE of diseases of the reproductive organs if we don’t keep them under surveillance and tear them up as we go? I’ve heard of women in the ER with heart attack symptoms being asked about their last pap test!

    • Beth you make such a good point that real healthcare for women is so hard to come by, only “healthscare.” The histrionics surrounding very rare cervical cancer and its unreliable screening test are truly mind boggling. Ironically the one disease of the reproductive organs that often does kill, ovarian cancer, has no early detection test. Fortunately it’s rare also, but far more common than cervical cancer and most women who are diagnosed already have it in the late stages when treatment is difficult and often unsuccessful. The fact that so few resources have gone into this while they’re pushing the almighty pap smear is just one more slap in the face to women and an insult to our collective intelligence.

    • Ozphoenix – my aunt also died last year from Bile Duct Cancer. It took months and months for her to actually be diagnosed – waiting weeks and weeks for test results. It was terrible. She had chemotherapy but it was the effects from that which killed her rather than the actual cancer itself.

      She went for mammograms and probably smear tests too – but never was afflicted with either of those illnesses. It was a rare and unusual form of the illness that she ended up with.

      It’s a joke that women’s health all boils down to the breasts and cervix. No-one is bothered about other body parts – too bad if it’s your bile duct – no one in interested in that! If it could be accessed via the vagina, then that would be a different story. There would be doctors queued up to check it out!

      The story about the cardiologist demanding to do breast exams is outrageous! And what a terrible reply from the Health Care Commission saying that he could demand any test he wanted! Surely not! So if you went to a specialist about ankle pain, they could demand that you had a pelvic exam? This leaves patients open to abuse by rogue physicians. Surely all exams must only be carried out based on actual clinical need.

      Well I would never submit to breast or pelvic exams for screening purposes and if medical care was withheld because of it, then I would be furious.

      • Amy, I’m so sorry about your aunt, it is a horrible cancer to get. My uncle was losing weight for a few years, and he put it down to all the exercise he did. It was only when he felt sick and his abdomen swelled up that he went to the doctor. It had spread everywhere by then and he only lived for another two weeks.

        With the cardiologist, I feel he too is a victim of the over-the-top hoopla that women are at terrible risk of breast and cervical cancer and must be screened every chance we get!! Surely one day women will be treated as a whole body, not just sex parts with legs.

        I’m sort of looking forward to taking on Breastscreen when that letter of demand arrives for a mammogram, once I turn 50. I’ll return it to them with a letter of my own, from my solicitor! Which will also include the story of the cardiologist, saying THIS is what happens when the focus on breasts becomes over the top! I swear I could’ve been having a heart attack while I had the breast exam, and he would’ve been telling me to stop squirming as he hadn’t finished the breast exam! And if I was lying dead on the floor afterwards, he would’ve been triumphantly saying to his secretary, ‘She didn’t die of breast cancer, thank god!’.

  13. Surely it would better to go straight to the police and report there if the medical authority’s cover it up or take little to no action

  14. These posts are really upsetting for me having been inappropiately touched during gp visits but I have nowhere to turn to because if my husband found out he would go straight down to the clinic and shoot the doctor on the face

  15. It’s so reassuring you are all here for each other helping to come to terms with these disgusting degenerates who ruin lives may you find peace and again enjoy life Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year

  16. Oh, I absolutely support this.

    There’s the perception that brainwashing is rare and far fetched-that it is only possible in torture and requires complete control over someone.

    If you truly deeply researched everything you heard or interacted with, we would each know
    -how to make and program each part of modern cars
    -and how to make all of the machines to make those parts (what’s the absolute optimal temperature for the recieving mold in the foundary?)
    -we would have a legal degree and medical degree
    -we would know all the mathematical models of the big bang theory
    -we might not get a lot done.

    Therefore I think brainwashing or widespread misinformation is exceptionally easy when it comes to anything not glaringly irrefutably obviously wrong.

    Back to the topic:

    I mean spread the word so they (docs) can’t say that they didn’t understand that
    “no (all of a sudden) means no”
    (unprecidented, I know)
    but I think this should be true of other forms of “medicine” too. There are just too many abusive providers.

    I also think they are groomed into it in their education. It’s very much a part of the culture.

    It’s odd because there are certainly other experts in the world (ex fire fighters) but they don’t typically wander around breaking into random homes (when the owner in tears begs them not to) and reading through financial records to see if they’ve had (flammable) alcohol “too frequently” and might pose a mildly worse risk to the building (that those owners are the sole residents of).

    There is quite the trend of overtly abusive people intentionally entering health care and voicing things along the lines of “I’ll teach them whats for” on a regular basis-many of the worst are psychology majors-and specifically say they’re “not going to put up with” (the subhumans voicing their opinions).
    Like gyno it could have a place in the world. Like gyno that place should be nothing like what it looks like at present.

    But it’s also true of some receptionists out there.

    A lot of what has been said here applies to many areas of “medicine.” Why is it that medical providers have a hippa monitoring system (which is SUPER complex and intensive programming) but not a genuine consent monitoring system( suuuuuuper simple).

    It wouldn’t really be too hard to design (off the top of my head, require everyone to wait until the next appointment for that type of exam if they hadn’t specifically requested it- then when they’re at home they have the freedom to decide, and if the doc brings it up again without severely justified cause (ex if without the doc ever mentioning it, the patient makes an appointment just for that then maybe it doesn’t need to be investigated) but otherwise BAM investigation and bad doc works at the burger joint.
    I could literally actually set that system up myself and automate it (I’m not great with technology.)

    I agree that for that to work there would have to be an intentional effort to de-brainwash people.

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