National News Story Holds Victim of Public Face Slap Responsible

International media recently reported that a 22 year old female student was captured on video being slapped by a male near a public cafe. The man had been making “obscene and degrading comments” as well as “noises with sexual connotations”. The female student told the man to shut up. He responded by throwing an ashtray at her, and when he missed he caught up with her and hit her forcefully in the face. The assault was captured on video.

A few days later a follow-up national news story not-so-subtly shamed and blamed the female student who was publicly slapped in the face by the man harassing her.

Hoping to see some news regarding the man’s capture and punishment, I clicked on the CBC news story:  There is complete absence of any news related to justice. Instead, the article outlines tips for women and girls to respond to harassment.

The article puts responsibility for resolving male violence squarely back in the hands of “women and girls”.  The article might just as well have stated outright that the female student captured on video was responsible for being smacked in the face – because of how she responded. Have we not moved past this type of victim shaming/blaming?  Where is the follow-up news that outlines steps being taken to address male violence and harassment of women and girls, such as laws and punishment of perpetrators?

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1 Response to National News Story Holds Victim of Public Face Slap Responsible

  1. Moo says:

    The whole video is here with no sound.

    The man comes upon the woman and says something. She responds and walks away. They go off in separate directions. He stops and goes back after her. He attacks her (slaps her so hard in the head that she almost falls over). He then goes off shouting.

    Do you think that this man and woman had known each other or were never acquainted?. Because it does not really matter. Slapping someone is assault. It does not matter if they were married and living together for years or never knew each other names in some random assault.

    Woman are supposed to somehow prevent these attacks? Many news media have been pushs the bias that this was a racial attack or some form of religious bigotry. But several have reported the man said some sexual insults, suggestions, and insults to the woman. A man did pull up a chair and seem to go after the man but he gets away. So really it was assault with sexual aggression by a man on a woman IN PUBLIC. And what goes in in private we never see.

    I am so tired of this. Revisit “Slut Walk” that happened in Toronto in response to police telling women not to wear ……. or look like a “slut” in order not to get assaulted. So women paraded the street in their sexy gear and their baggy sweat suits which they were raped while wearing. Maybe some wore their hospital gowns. They said what I say, “why not just ask men to stop raping women”. And I will be very clear that my father, my brothers do not rape because I had a mother who taught her sons to respect women and other people.

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