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    This is a large part of the problem in this country, women who’ve had treatment for CIN 2 or 3 being promoted as survivors, so many of these women obviously believe they were saved by the pap test. These stories are appearing as more women choose not to have pap tests, many are waiting apparently for the new 5 year test, the HPV primary test. (in 2016)
    So it’s all hands to the wheel to keep women in the over-screening program until they can produce the new (and still excessive) program. It says to me they couldn’t care less about women, they’re happy to urge women to seriously over-screen, which means even more “survivors”.

    • Elizabeth – I just read this article and your AMAZING response. Thank GOD you stepped in there with your knowledge.

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    Here is another woman who’s had treatment for CIN 3, but thinks she WOULD have developed cervical cancer within a few months, as you all know that’s most unlikely, it’s this kind of misinformation that scares women into screening and over-screening.
    So many women urge others to have their pap tests, never knowing the evidence does not support their advice. I don’t blame the women, they’ve been deliberately misled over many years and I assume this woman’s doctor left her with the impression she WOULD have developed cc. It’s a cruel burden to place on a woman, the pretend near miss. These stories are common here and in the States and what do we have in common: serious over-screening and early screening. Bingo!

    The cervical cancer women greatly fear is largely a product of clever marketing and non-evidence based screening, the real cervical cancer has always been rare, as we’ve mentioned here, few women worried or had even heard of cc before this testing began, now we have stadiums full of survivors of mythical cervical cancer. It’s almost like a cancer has been fabricated to feed the CIN treatment industry.
    Do you recall the nurse who posted over at BlogCritics? The local hospital had survivor evenings for the various cancers and they had to hold the one for cc over several nights, there were so many “survivors”, she mentioned that the doctors were smirking knowing full well almost all of these women had simply had a punch biopsy or “abnormal” cells removed, false positive cases.
    Even someone “treated” for CIN 3 only has a 12% chance of developing cc, some studies go as high as 20% or 30%. I wonder how many CIN 3 women had that explained to them, my guess, not many.

    • From the article on the link. The new pink speak “stage 3 cervical disease” for CIN 3 or HSIL and “more invasive treatment” for LEEP. She did not mention that part of her cervix was amputated or maybe she never knew.

      “Cancer in situ” is not cancer. People just hear cancer. Also any CIN in the cervical canal (Pap test with the brush) is going to be CIN 3 because the epithelial column cell layer there is only one layer thick. The ectocervix epithelium (outer cervix) is three layers thick so there is CIN 1-3 as the HIV infects through different layers of cells.

      Not surprised that your comments were deleted. There is another blog where a women is constantly criticizing a hysterectomy help website for “scaring” her about her hysterectomy. From what I read this woman was diagnosed with “microscopic cervical cancer” and told to start her family right away. Three pregnancies later she has a hysterectomy and she is in her thirties. So I have to wonder how she was fooled and she keeps fooling herself. Really if any women had cancer would she be encouraged to go out and have three pregnancies? Then no chemo or other cancer treatments.

      Elizabeth I just feel to sorry for these women to put up their suffering here. I know you just want to help other women. It seems overcoming the ignorance is a monumental task.

      • I have been helped enormously by this website, Just hearing what everyone has to say and seeing the efforts which are going into it has kept me going, and I try to spread the word on other health websites as much as I can. I am very grateful to you, Moo for telling me to ask for the biospy report when I had my womb cancer, and for Elizabeth for sending me a link to some excellent diagrams showing the stages of cancer, also to Sue for managing this site, which is a safe place to discuss our experiences. I try to post wherever I can, and I am sure many women read more than contribute. Please keep up the great work.

  3. Looks like my comment has been deleted, that doesn’t happen very often these days. I’m not really surprised, it must be hard for some women to hear they were unlikely to be on the verge of full blown cancer and just over-treated like lots of other women. Hopefully, she’s researching my comments, the evidence is on my side. I speak the truth, the medical profession does not, well, most of them don’t.

  4. It’s an old saying, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.
    Some women are doomed to uninformed or unnecessary testing, over-testing, excess biopsies etc. simply because their minds are closed, we can’t be right, because that would mean everyone, the medical profession, the Govt, survivor groups etc. have all lied to them or misled them. Sorry, but they are all guilty of misleading women, even bald faced lies. It’s a hard pill to swallow. (when you provide a one-sided presentation of the evidence and have no respect for informed consent, you mislead women, at the very least)

    Someone posted this on another website, here in Australia we’re increasingly a nation of people being controlled in lots of ways. Opera WA cancelled a performance of Carmen because the performers would be required to smoke on stage, I imagine they decided to get in first before the Cancer Council and lots of other groups and people came out tut-tutting.
    I’ve attended plays in the past where the actors smoked, I didn’t rush out and take up the habit, I think most people are smarter than that, if you smoke, I doubt it’s because you saw a performance of Carmen.
    Being politically correct, seizing the moral high ground, we’re doing what’s best for you….it often feels like social engineering and boy, the screening programs aimed at women are the perfect examples. No wonder many women just want to be left alone, we’re sick to death of being bossed around, told what to do, how we should feel…breast feed, have your pap tests and mammograms, don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol (the Cancer Council say there is no safe level) on and on and on, and stay alert, there WILL be another announcement for your own good very shortly.
    Anyway, this is an interesting piece.

    “”Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good
    of its victim may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live
    under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies.
    The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may
    at some point be satiated, but those who torment us for our own good
    will torment us without end for they do so with the approval
    of their own conscience.”
    CS Lewis.

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