Christmas Miracles Do Come True – I got a hit from Greenland!

I published a post on December 4th titled “All I want this Christmas is for Someone from Greenland to Hit on my Blog”.  Like the title says, I was asking for someone who lived in Greenland to please hit on my blog.  I didn’t really think it would work  . . . but it DID work!  On December 20th a beautiful Greenlandian blogger touched down on my site, and with one magical click from her that huge Greenland part of the stats map lit up in all its glory!!

Christmas miracles really do come true!  Thank you Dani Henriksen !!

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5 Responses to Christmas Miracles do come true – I got a hit from Greenland!

  1. Katie says:

    That’s too funny. Congrats! 8)

  2. your very welcome! you should be aware that english isn’t widelyspoken up here thats why getting someone to comeby from Kallaliit Nunaat is “rare”…:-) i read of people blogging about wishing for visits from Greenland and China,i think that’s funny but yet not impossible at all!

  3. That is good to know Dani about the language, and I’m so glad you know english!! I hope you are enjoying the holidays and that you and yours have a joyous Christmas. You have an awesome site, and it is so interesting to see your beautiful pictures and the culture of Greenland.


  1. This is great. After taking photos of Greenland, my husband and I are looking into going there!! I like your blog. Very valuable information~

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