All I Want this Christmas is for Someone from Greenland to Hit on my Blog

If you are a person who lives in Greenland, please would you hit on my blog?  Just one hit from you and my stats “Views by Country” map will light up big time!  You don’t even have to read anything, just one quick click will do the trick!

Of course I also want peace on earth and good will for all.  But I really really want someone from Greenland to hit on my blog.

And of course it would be awesome to get the message on my blog out to more parts of the world!



  1. When I saw this post, I couldn’t help but giggle. I want the same thing! In fact, in addition to Greenland, no one in China has clicked on my blog! Surely a country that has over 1 billion people would be kind enough to view my site…hahahaha

  2. I want China too! But Greenland only has about 57,000 people living there so what a rare and wonderful hit that would be. Oh the power of the Greenlandian blogger! I still haven’t had a Greenland hit . . . might have to offer a reward or something.

  3. I have some blog posts on Greenland, but no visitors from there yet 🙂

    I did have a few visitors from China, though less than when my blog was still at Blogsome.

  4. Jumping jingle bells!! I got so excited when I saw the big Greenland part light up! I had to rub my eyes to make sure I was seeing it right – Thank you Dani Henriksen!! Your hit was the best Christmas present ever! And a very Merry Christmas to you too!! 🙂

  5. Me too!!! My blog presents more than 1500 large pictures from Norway and Norwegian nature, but I guess they have as much nature as they need themselves on Greenland? It would be nice, though? The problem is that Christmas is a long way off. I might not even be alive by then!
    So could you possibly find the time for a visit some time next week ? 😀

  6. Seenorway your blog is beautiful! I have had so much fun with this post plus I did get a hit from Greenland. Dani Henriksen touched down just before Christmas and lit me and my stats map right up. Her blog is well worth a trip, she has wonderful pictures and interesting information about Greenland – even a picture of the world’s largest mailbox with a direct link to Santa himself! I hope you get Greenland soon – and you look as if you have many Christmas’s ahead of you yet Seenorway 🙂

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