Opinion Poll on Pap Tests

New guidelines by the Canadian task force recommend that women under the age of 25 should not be screened for cervical cancer.  The new recommended guidelines can be read here: http://www.cbc.ca/news/health/story/2013/01/07/cervical-cancer-pap-hpv-test.html


  1. Elizabeth I appreciate your comment left on the opinion poll. I have revised the poll to include the choice to decline screening altogether, in addition to being given the right to decide at what age to begin screening (if one chooses to screen).

  2. I am certaining not rejoicing since the guidelines for women I over 30 have changed. Now any abnormal pap is going to trigger a colposcopy appointment in the cytobase (database of lab pap results) . The harrassment letters will go out regularly once a women is in the system with her first pap smear in ontario. How many women are going to pressured into unnecessary treatments that will affect their health and fertility?. Further more the date collected in the cytobase belongs to the government and a women is not allowed to have it removed. The information collected can be used for ” studies” . Basically they are experimenting on women. The cytobase can be accessed by authorized healthcare workers which will probably result in some women being denied care when the do not follow prescribed diagnostic or treatment protocols and get labelled “noncompliant”. Why should gynocolgists get so much control?

    Women living in Ontario should wise up and contact the health minister’s office and the premier of Ontario who are both women.

  3. Thinking about this issue again —- I would like to know how the magic age of 30 years old comes into the treatment plan. At a certain age is the body suddenly not fighting HPV ? What proof?

    Sure women under 25 are saying that they are happy not to be “forced” into getting a yearly Pap test. Boom at 25 then they are supposed to get three yearly normals and then go on to the three year plan.

    The transformation zone of the cervical os changes and matures but this just seems like they are experimenting and collecting data on women in the screening plan rather than really preventing any disease. The tortures of colposcopy and multinational of women will continue only they will be women over 30 years old.

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