Review of “The Truth About Smear Tests They Don’t Want You To Know”

The shocking truth about women’s health care is revealed in this newly released eBook. A rare account of women’s experiences about what goes on behind closed medical doors is offered in this collection of essays. These raw accounts are told by women who stand out because they had the courage and insight to question the status quo, and to look beyond the propaganda and the healthcare discourse many don’t think to question. Unprecedented, this book gives voice to the women who are the recipients of health care, and their perspectives uncover the harsh reality that health care can be an insidious abuse of women’s rights, health, and peace of mind. This book casts light on the mistreatment of women at the hands of medical practitioners, and reveals the courage and resilience of the women who have stepped up to share their experiences.

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  1. Thankyou Sue. The review is great.
    To all my friends here. I hope that I have done you all proud. Everyone wrote brilliantly and came across very well.
    I was very stressed hoping you all liked it as is the way when one person sticks their neck over the paraphet to take charge. I want you all to know I am an amateur at this and felt i did my best. Its not perfect and the cover isn’t great. If any of you want to change anything please say. It is ‘our’ book. I have not made a single penny from it as that was never my intention. It has been a complicated process as the checking elves at smashwords and Amazon wern’t happy with anything and kept making changes to it that i had no control over. Some of you will notice the layout is different to what they wanted and also they made me tone down the cover even tho it isn’t anything as bad as some of the others they have on their sites. It was the only one they would accept in the end so i went with them on it.
    However, as from today they have released it for free all over the internet for people to download. (Smashwords review any book for a while before they decide on wider distribution to Kobo and Nook as well as itunes and others.) Most importantly it is free on Amazon which was always the most prized place we wanted it to be on.
    If you are happy please let me know. If you want changes please let me know.
    It is very important to me that you are happy. I would love to do something like it again.
    My love and best wishes to you all

    • Saw your post after I made mine. Everything still applies, but I did not know that there were OTHERS adding their own influence. It’s like if the servers at a restaurant added things on their own after the chef cooked the food! This is a vitiation of informational integrity & probably a transgression against free speech laws (pretty sure it’s not just America that has those).

      Just figured I’d mention that, in case there’s any editing problems or issues with further manuscripts.

    • Just want to say – congratulations anout the book and well done!! Sorry I’ve not been around lately, but I always post comments whenever and wherever I can on screening articles (some of you might have come across my diatribe on the misogynistic, right-wing Daily Mail). Just wanted to say, if you do end up composing a second volume, I’ll upload my account – although I have never really been pressurised or been bullied by medical professionals really, so my experience has been unusual in that respect. Just tell me where I could upload it. Have quite a bit of time in the next few days x

    • This book is just what I needed A few years agi my doctor pressurised me to go for a smear test even though I wasnt sexually active the nurse was so horrible during the test I was in alot of pain and bled. Since then despite appointments been given I habe never and will never attend a smear test again. I started researching whether it was necessary and I found the site and book.
      Manu thanks

  2. Is this the book Linda put out? It seems a bit too specific of a title, considering it’s not just that particular procedure they swing at people.

    Not to try to hi-jack other people’s projects, but “The Truth About Women’s Healthcare” or “Dangers of Women’s Healthcare” would maybe fit better & get noticed by people that aren’t specifically wondering about pap tests. Also, there’s a couple of books on Amazon with very similar titles! One seems to be a series of books with the starting title of: “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About.”

    Linda: I liked most of what you did with mine (particularly the clear explanation of the Jedi Mind Trick). I don’t mean to be harsh, but you changed some of the stuff in mine in a way that makes some of it hit “left of center.” It’s mostly grammatical stuff (ex: spacing making it somewhat unclear if something is the end of one subject or the beginning of the next, “extra personal” instead of “extrapersonal,” which I realize is potentially considered a spelling error, but it’s more clear how it’s meant that way or with a hyphen). There are three other things that I really feel has an influence on clarity & completeness:

    (1) “Compositional thinking” is only “a situation is what it consists of”- whether someone likes things or not isn’t involved.
    (2) “Sexual Dissonance” (things being “against the grain” on that level) wasn’t mentioned as a concept. Neither was the inability to find the words for things like this. Not being able to articulate things was a psychological & verbalization issue for the CLIENT, not the doctor (who might just go by tastes & gravitations wordlessly, but that’s an issue with their assessment & output- because it’s a case of including their favorite technique or some such & not “aiming their shot at the bulls-eye,” medically speaking). The problem for the patient/client/intended victim is that it potentially keeps the from being able to form a counteractive response when the medical personnel are aiming things at them & they’re trying to halt this situation. They can’t articulate what kind of attack it is, so they mentally “file” or “cognitively distinguish” it as “Problems That Aren’t Problem Despite BEING Problems.”
    (3) When the doctor tells someone “do this” or “do that” being describable as “comportment” is a similar point.

    I only mention it because they DO play a serious role in the way the other things do. I don’t mean to act like a “touchy artist” or anything, but those three are fairly important to put down distinctly. These are points that might critically factor into someone’s defense measures, so PLEASE add them in if you can.

  3. Hi Alex. Ok I made the spelling changes and added those extra comments in the narrative where I think they belong. There’s nothing we can do about the paragraphs tho’ that is the smashwords programme that has done that I’m afraid.

    • Hi Linda. Not to be a pain in the ass, but I didn’t see the changes when I clicked on the PDF- did I click the wrong thing?

      • Hi Alex. Please give me until later today to do them.
        On top of all this I am actually looking for a care home for my Mum to go live in as she is too much for me now. I know how its important for our stuff to be right. X

      • Oh, okay. Didn’t know you were busy. Good luck finding a good place (in America, there’s actually quite a bit of bad ones- yet another mostly unsung issue).

      • Hi Alex or anyone else. When I was making changes to Alex script I notinced that our book on Amazon has gone back up tp 99p. Can someone please go on the book on the amazon site and find the icon to report this book as being cheaper elsewhere so they will adjust it accordingly. I am not allowed to do it.

      • I didn’t see it anywhere on Amazon. Is is Amazon UK? Also, how is Amazon telling you what you’re allowed to do with the price? You’re the author & these people are not a separate distributor with their own pile of books to sell (are they?). I’m getting the impression that there’s a lot of people diluting the information someone is trying to convey.

    • Hi Alex. Hope u r ok.

      I uploaded the changes to your script yesterday. It will take them a few days to update it. I hope its ok for u. Yesterday i came over a bit sharp saying i was busy. I hope you didn’t take offence i was just a bit stressy it wasn’t you. your script is just as important to me as much as the others. If you want to make changes let me know.

      Amazon is a massive capitalist organisation and they don’t want any free books on their site. In fact they hate it. What i do for my other books is upload them to free sites such as smashwords. Then i get my friends to find it on amazon and scroll down the page to report it being free elsewhere. Amazon has a promise to always reflect prices on other sites. They have a ‘robot’ ‘an all seeing eye’ like in the film were it become self aware and tries to kill will smiths character. It scans the internet to find where it is free and if it finds anything it has to change it.
      We use their own technology against them! There is not a damn thing they can do about it.

      The book is an adult book due to all the descriptions of intimate exams in it. So go on Amazon and take the ‘adult filter’ off. Type in ‘the truth about smear tests’ its available in America and everywhere else in the world so you should find it.

      When you find it open the page and scroll down to where it says ‘report this book being cheaper elswhere’ and type it in. Don’t download it tho’ as its not free on amazon at the moment. We need to force them to go back to being free. It was free but more of us need to bombard the site.

      Please do this as its being dowloaded lots on sites where its free but not being downloaded from amazon because u have to pay.

      What i suggest you do is join ‘smashwords’ and download it free from there. Wait until its free on amazon

  4. Thanks. It means a lot to me you’re all ok with it. I’m not a totally well person and somewhat stupidly i’ve got myself all worked up over it in case you all hated it. its given me something to do which is what i needed to give me focus which is lacking in my life at the moment.
    I hope Eliz and Ada are ok with it. You two are the real troopers here not me. I’m a new comer and wouldn’t want you to think i was ‘taking over’ or saying too much about stuff all the time. Please let me know what you both think. Even if you want to change it in anyway.
    Also, i have had the letter and leaflet inviting me for cervicsl screening. I am upset about that as well because i wrote to the nhs telling them i didn’t want anymore. That’s another big load of sh!t to deal with.
    Last night i tried talking to john about it but he just said he didn’t understand what i was going on about. If it was him he’d just tell them to f off. Its so easy for men.

    • Hi Linda, I think you’ve done a great job on the book, and I hope the viewings are continuing to grow. I have tried Googling the title and the book comes up right away. I’ve had a quick look through and noticed that the table still doesn’t display properly, but never mind, the references are there for people to look this up. I was disappointed it had been placed in the adult section, as this limits its availability, but I grateful for all the hard work you have done to put this project together. Many thanks to you for all your hard work.

      Regarding the cervical screening leaflet, are you able to show us a copy of the letter? Is it one of the new ones which says you have a choice?

      • Hi Ada. Thanks for your reply i feel better that you are ok with it too. The table looks fine in my script but no matter what i do it doesn’t come over on these sites very well. Its in the adult section because of mild reference to well child exams.

        The leaflet still doesn’t say its my choice only some throw away line at the beginning about helping me decide. The rest of it is worded as if going is a given. However in the menopause section it say i still ‘need’ one to check the health of my cervix. The rest of me is falling a part and i am plagued with mental health issues but hey as long as my cervix is ok! The letter looks as if from my doc but thanks to you i know better. I don’t like the way it is worded at all.
        What i will do is copy them and email them to Sue and hopey she can send them to you to look at.
        I will ignore the letter of course but sooner or later this whole business is heading towards confrontation with my doc sooner or later. I’m quite stressed by it actually and its ‘set me off’ feeling out of sorts.

        Would you be prepared to work on another book? This one has been downloaded 90 times now. I know you’re soon to be busy ‘in the enemy camp’ but there’s a real need out there.

      • I’m so sorry that you have got another letter, Linda. I’ve seen quite a few comments on Twitter from young women saying that they’ve received a screening summons over the Christmas holiday and they are not very happy about it. It is illegal for the NHS to send you these letters if they cause distress. I know after I had my terrible experience in the 1990’s, the continuing demands in the post and at subsequent appointments caused me so much worry, as (like most women) I simply didn’t know how to opt out and stop the letters.
        Are you able to let your GP know that screening causes you great upset and exacerbates your condition, and that you will be taking the matter up with the GMC if he fails to opt you out?

      • Ada thanks I’ll try the letter as well, I’m avoiding doctor at the moment because I can’t face smear pressures and I really do need to go!

    • Hi Linda
      I think you’ve done an amazing job and I can tell you I’d be skating on thin ice if I were to accuse you or anyone else of saying too much on this subject!

      I’ve noticed something…many women who find their way to the evidence, who’ve had their eyes opened to the shocking way they’ve been treated by this program and the medical profession, go through a lot of emotion.
      I think it’s part of the healing process, it’s the individual woman reclaiming what should always have been hers, her legal rights and her body.

      Some women never find a calm place but writing things down certainly helps sharpen the focus, helps you understand your emotions and acts as a bit of a release valve. I think doing something helps as well, when my feelings start to rise I usually send something off to a Health Minister or investigative journalist.
      These feelings can be alarming and intense, I know some women seek therapy to help them manage, one woman sent me a private message saying she wanted to shout, really SHOUT at her GP for misleading and harming her, for appearing to care about her when he was actually working for the program. She didn’t believe GPs were paid to reach screening targets, she cried and cried when she opened the reference making clear there was a price on her cervix.
      Some women turn it on themselves, how could I have been so trusting? It was never a fair fight, from the beginning the entrapment was all carefully engineered with zero respect for women. The program has a lot of resources, lots of funding, influence and power, it really is a Davina v Goliath battle.

      In the end she wrote to her GP, a long letter explaining why she’d lost confidence, respect and trust in him – he is no longer her GP.
      It was the first time she had felt in charge of her body, health and life, a few days before her 47th birthday. Every woman will find her own way of healing…and hopefully, most will find some measure of peace.

      There was a time when it was difficult for me to discuss this subject without getting emotional and angry, almost raging, usually to my cats, that’s what they want, to make us sound like radicals, but eventually, we reach a place where it’s possible to discuss this matter fairly calmly (even if we’re seething inside) and I can tell you, it’s a deadly and powerful weapon.
      It’s important to stay well, but there is no getting around the initial anger, feelings of betrayal…I consider all of you survivors, survivors of this program.
      Every woman matters, her life story matters, you’ve given some of them voices, to help them reach out to other women, that’s powerful stuff.

    • Linda, if you wrote to the NHS telling them you didn’t want any more smears, send them a copy of your letter along with their letter/”invitation” and ask them why they’re still sending you letters? Anne Mackie tells us screening is a choice, we can opt out, perhaps, if they’re unable to process your request, you should refer the matter to Anne Mackie. (that might get them moving!)
      Did the NHS respond to your letter? If you have to complete an opt-out form, then they should have sent you one, either way, it’s not good enough.

    • Linda. I know it is late but I had a life changing experience where I was abused and bullied by gynecologists for years with letters demanding endometrial biopsies even when my paps were fine. I was seeking hormonal education but they refused to help me unless I submitted to biopsy. My story is long and has been reported to the registry of medicine and police. I was assaulted and manipulated and ultimately attacked for not submitting to their rules. They lied on medical records and the doctors were never disciplined. Id like to talk with you Linda and add my story to your book. My life was stolen from me by a manipulating evil woman hating medical system and need to share my story in hopes of opening the eyes of women young and middle aged the dangers of not being aware of what is happening.

      • Hi helper. I’m so very sorry about the way you’ve been treated. Your story is very valuable just upload it here if you feel strong enough to write it all down and i will add it.

        To be honest i’m beginning to think the new stories we are beginning to get comi g in now need to be in a new book. The size of the original file is getting pretty close to full for af
        Free book. Would you mind if i do that.
        Also anons story as well.

        Sue are you ok with that?

      • Linda, I don’t mind if the eBook sells for 99p. I want what I wrote to be widely read and I’m not in this to make any money. You have done all the hard work on this, so I think you deserve it. The main thing is that the book gets out there and is read. I’m happy for you to upload other stories even if the eBook has to be charged for.

  5. Thank you so much Eliz for your kind words. When the letters came over the years i went into stress mode. It was a horrible feeling that these people could do this against my wishes. The whole thing is horrible beyond words. I think that coming on this site and posting has been part of my healing process. I am in disbelief they’ve sent this letter but it no longer has the horror for me it once had. I’m so glad my age group is declining the exam (check the health of my cervix!! Indeed. )and so are the young ones coming along. For all we know this programme is going to the halls of history.
    Yes i will write to Ann Mackie by letter. I have emailed her site a few times but unfortunately my accusations as you can imagine never gets passed by the checking elf.

  6. I know I’ve been away from this site for a while – I was very busy over Christmas & New Year and also at times, I feel I need to get away from any discussions relating to screening because it makes me just so darn angry. I totally relate to Elizabeth’s comments. Despite never really experiencing any bullying from GPs, the whole subject still really annoys me. I find myself raging at the other women who continue to push the screening rhetoric. This conversation recently came up at work (knew it eventually would) and true to my word, I admitted that I declined screening. One lady (despite working within the sphere of public health) I more or less quarrelled with, was bewildered when I brought up the issues of false positives and false negatives and she had no idea what adenocarcinoma even meant. The conversation was about why the age of screening was raised to 25. Had I not been there, she would have argued that the reason the screening age was raised was to save costs but before she even tried to go down that route, I put her straight, and said the reason to review the screening age was based on the science available. She didn’t like it and she continued to badger on with the “all women must have them” but boy did it feel good to put her in her place. However, do other people also feel that when defending their decisions not to screen, we have to be borderline aggressive when doing so? What is it with such women who get offended when you exercise YOUR right to do as you with with your own body? Many men on the other hand would just say, decide whether you want to screen or not and just get on with it, no endless debates or justifications. Still, at least when arguing using cited research from reputable sources, people might still say other women should go, but tend to give up on encouraging/ bullying you because they know you won’t easily fall for the same sh$t. Pardon my language.

  7. after many occasions of my gp trying to get me to screen I said I was thinking of making a complaint he said to who as it was a medical procedure that reccomended by all health authorities i replied not to them but to the police for harassment he looked horrified guess what no more pressure

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