How many women won’t go to doctors because of pap test coercion?

Many women are choosing to opt out of pap tests.  Unfortunately, some of these women are not having their choices respected by their health care providers and are experiencing coercion.

A poll published on this site asked women three questions related to pap test coercion.  Since publication hundreds of women have responded to the poll questions and the results reveal some surprising insights into women’s health care experiences.

The first poll question asked women “Have you felt pressured into having a pap test that you did not want?“.  A total of 512 women have responded.  The vast majority of women (457 out of 512 = 89.26%) responded that yes, they had felt pressured into having an unwanted pap test.

The second poll question asked “Has your doctor withheld medications or healthcare when you have said ‘no’ to a pap test?“.  A total of 442 women have responded.  More than half of the women who responded (235 out of 442 = 53.17%) have experienced the withholding of medications or healthcare when they refused a pap test.

The third and final poll question asked “Have you stopped going to doctors because you are worried about being pressured into a pap test?“.  A total of 506 women have responded.  The majority of women (431 out of 506 = 81.62%) responded that yes, they had stopped going to visit doctors because of concern about being pressured into having a pap test.

The responses reveal that many women are experiencing unwanted pressure to have a pap test, that they are having medications and/or healthcare withheld when they refuse a pap test, and that many have stopped visiting doctors altogether because of concern about being coerced into an unwanted pap test.

The poll is still open and can be accessed here:  The comments underneath the poll reveal further details about women’s experiences related to pap test coercion.

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28 Responses to How many women won’t go to doctors because of pap test coercion?

  1. Linda says:

    Yes i experienced pressure over the years. DR. V implied i wouldn’t be given the pill if i didn’t have them. He and his practice nurse GG carried on this ruse for many years (about 18) until i found out the truth stumbling upon this site.

    Contraceptive pills and cancer screening tests have nothing to do with each other. This has been a scandal of epic proportions.

    The nurse from my cuurent practice also tries it on now and then. I don’t have to worry about the pill anymore as i went through the meno a few years ago. Still the pressure is there.

    The letters the screening authorities send out also imressed upon me the compulsory aspesct. The lead sentence used to read ‘your cervical screening is test is now due’ ‘read the leaflet before booking one’ etc. There was no hint it was up to me. My decision.

    I no longer trust doctors. Finding out the truth just did it for me. I don’t go to pieces during any consult with one these days for anything. I am ready for them. I would be very rude to the point of aggression if they started. I don’t care. In my opinion Dr V and his nurse spent many years basically raping me. From what i now know from my research ALL doctors have colluded in this scandal. ALL are culpable. These rat bags are getting away with it the world over. Particularly in America where they are little more than rapists to their female patients.

    I think women are working these things out for themselves. More are saying ‘stuff that’ i’m not doing it. Especially young women.

    Doctors now know we have worked it out and they must know there are a lot of very angry hot tempered women out there ready to take them on over this.

    Also, a while ago i read a comment on this site qouted from that creep Robert Music. It was to do with why women were not having smears. He said many women suffer from ‘vaginal dryness’ and this might be putting many older women off.

    Now, i don’t know about your boyfriends/ husbands but my hubby certainly, and i’m sure many other men out there, would sooner cut their own tongues out rather than talk about the subject of vaginal dryness. There is just something so wrong with this man.

    This creep should do the decent thing and step down. Can he not see the ludicrousy of a man running an org such as Jo’s trust.

  2. adawells says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Linda. He ran Endometriosis UK before taking on Jo’s Trust in 2008. His comments are deeply patronising and offensive. If he’d been a woman, he wouldn’t be so full of contempt for women’s feelings and choices. High time he was got rid of. I don’t see any women heading up campaigns about prostate problems, telling men they are embarrassed about it.
    He is a businessman, whose interest is in stomping up cash. I’ve heard he increased their income by 600%. He is always jetting about the country, appearing in the media with his crass comments, Jo’s are always getting awards or giving them to other organisations at big showy parties and banquets. Always running some campaign or other, which they claim has made a “massive impact”. The medical evidence is that no impact has been made.
    The truth is that less and less women have been having smears in the time of Jo’s existence, and as less people take up the offer the death rate has gone down due to better treatments. The truth is that Jo’s Tosh has had no impact on screening uptake or the disease whatsoever. It’s income just supports it’s own running costs and keeps their party going, so they can all run around in pink panties, patting themselves on the back at banquets and saying they’ve saved lives, when they haven’t. If some poor woman actually gets this cancer, they can use her for publicity purposes to increase their income even more.

  3. Judy says:

    This Music clown probably latches himself on to women’s health issues & charities, etc. because he knows men wouldn’t put up with his shit while women are less likely to question it and will think of him as a big hero. Someone should make him lay naked in stirrups with his cash & prizes hanging out and stick a metal thing up his anus, and then tell him not to be embarrassed!

    • Mint says:

      Years ago, when I was in my 20’s, I went to the Brook Advisory service to get the Pill. The male doctor refused to give me the script until I had a smear test. I refused because there was something about the guy that gave me the creeps. He scoffed and asked me if I was afraid to be ” touched”. No you idiot, I was having lots of sex with my then boyfriend and I wanted to avoid pregnancy. My inner alarm bells were set off by this man and I’m very glad I stood up to him. I later visited a Family Planning clinic, where I got the Pill with just a blood pressure check. I have avoided male doctors for anything other than a splinter in my thumb every since.

      When your inner voice tells you something is wrong – listen and take notice.

      • Yes, I used to get the pill from a local GUM clinic as opposed to my GP. Being fairly young, a teenager when I started taking it, it felt like a better and more anonymous way of doing things.

        I went for a ‘pill check’ and I must have been about 19. I was told in no uncertain terms by an overbearing nurse that “if I was old enough to have sex then I was old enough for a smear.” The underlying message being if I didn’t submit, no more pill. Of course being young and naive I did. Now, 25 years later the thought outrages me every time I think about it.

      • Elizabeth (Aust) says:

        How can that statement sit with an elective screening test?
        “if I was old enough to have sex then I was old enough for a smear.”
        Just goes to show how a screening test can turn into something so warped, abusive and oppressive…and harmful. It’s not screening, it’s medical abuse. IMO, the product of medical thinking and attitudes at the time, the boy’s club, but it’s taken far too long for these attitudes to change – too many adopted them, instead of challenging them.

      • Absolutely. I decided about 12 years ago I wasn’t having anymore smears. I knew something was ‘off’ with the program and started thinking for myself. I’m so pleased I did.

        The amount of doctors and nurses who are happy to sell it as a compulsory part of getting other care is disgusting.

  4. Alice says:

    Sadly, the results of the poll are not surprising. I am one of those numerous women who went through the pressure to have an unwanted, totally useless and harmful pap smear, had medical services withheld because of my refusal, and came to avoiding doctors at all costs ever since.

    Despite opting out of every scare-and-screen campaign and telling the govt to stop misusing my personal information, I still get an occasional “invitation” to some screening bullshit scheme. All goes straight into shredder of course. Australian medicine is only interested in tests and diseases that involve groping boobs, penetrating vaginas or sticking something up the bums. Well, they won’t be doing that to me. I know my risks, live healthy and have my priorities right.

  5. Elizabeth (Aust) says:

    Well said, Alice – I agree..
    Looks like the My Health Record needs to go back to the drawing board, the old opt out method hasn’t worked this time, I heard that 75% of GPs were going to opt out, say no more…

    • Alice says:

      Oh that My Health Record, it is anything but “mine”… Every, absolutely every person I know opted out of this outrageous mass surveillance system that is being pushed down our throats. And yes, various sources say that the medical profession was the first one to get out of it. The rats know when the ship is sinking.

  6. Alex says:

    How about another questionnaire?

    (1) Would you elect “birth control with no internal exams” if it were presented as an option?

    (2) Would you support a law that criminalized coercive internal exams & banned service incentive payments?

    (3) Would you support a law that mandated patient notification of potential risks & inaccuracy with any form of screening?

    Seriously, if any of you think these would be a good questionnaire to put out there, feel free to use it as is.

  7. katrehman says:

    JUST seen that the UK is lowering the bowel screening poo test age to 50…! So it’ll b a 50th birthday gift now…Ada any thoughts? What do you all think?

  8. katrehman says:

    Also seen that 7 out of 10 docs think patients lie about their alcohol intake and double it what the patient says. We shouldn’t be embarassed to talk to our doc about drinking…they’re non judgemental ect. Sounds like the way they talk to us about screening. ..

  9. Kleigh says:

    I feel angry at woman for allowing this to go on and not fighting against it. When ever I come accros woman bragging about smear test paps I get so angry and triggered. I really believe all this whould stop if more woman put there foot down. Most woman are so trusting it’s sick.

    • adawells says:

      You only have to have a look on social media to see how these women or terrorised into going and then giving themselves bravery congratulations after they’ve been and boasting about it. I feel like telling them that that is just the first part, they haven’t had the result yet, and they don’t know the half of what goes on in the gyne’s chair to treat these “abnormalities”. You’re right, it is truly sickening how so many will gladly step onto the conveyor belt of treatments they know nothing about.
      Most women I’ve read about are all insignificant findings from pap smears. Doctor thinks she might have seen something iffy, so that’s another appointment at the hospital outpatients. As Elizabeth says, day care is always full of women waiting to be “saved.”

  10. katrehman says:

    Any ladies with instagram and strong stomachs check out #cervical screen hannah. The owner of the cervicalscreen1 blog. She posts a link to #save the cervix. ..I agree it needs saving…from smears and colposcopy ect…

    • I’ve had a few run ins with her Twitter account… Some of the rubbish and motivational messages are just insane.

    • adawells says:

      I can only glimpse in very small doses. The last time I looked it seemed to be full of hookers out for business.
      I think Hannah and Jo’s set a lot of them up, and tell them to post everywhere about their smear test experience. The women seem to see it as an opportunity for fame and celebrity status, and if they’ve got abnormalities found then they are automatically posting as cancer survivors and their “brush with death story”. They often have a few men following, aroused by the details, but claiming it is because “they care”. The whole business is so sordid. The charities think they’re doing an amazing job, when in fact they are making life very difficult for anyone with a true cancer diagnosis. For these, their campaigns create shame, blame, guilt and a sense of failure.

      • Yes! The latest offering is a young lady (who does rather look like she’s touting for business) who had abnormal cells removed after pushing for a smear under 25 as she had ‘weird’ symptoms. Well for a start, that’s a diagnostic test, not screening. Anyway…

        Apparently she had CIN 2 & 3 and the nurse said she had treatment “just before it progressed to cancer.” Well that’s BS, a nurse couldn’t possibly know that however it’s a great way to join the ‘survivor’ club.


  11. Demonhype says:

    Omg, I just heard about this site called 3Hims which helps men–specifically men–obtain medication without the humiliation and bother of physical exams or doctor visits Or at least it sounded like that’s the case on the ad on God Awful Movies. So men can get their dick pills online without palpitations and begging in a doctor’s office, but women need to strip naked and spread ’em for BC, even though every reputable medical org says blood pressure and medical history is more than sufficient? Yet there are no feminists complaining over that, rather, they are trying to figure out how to strip other women of their bodily autonomy and right to choose/refuse healthcare for any reason?

    Want more reason to get mad? The ad is on their recent episode “Voiceless”, in which they seem to applaud pap smear and other gynecological atrocities without question!

  12. katrehman says:

    Demon hype agree with every word you say. Here in the UK you can now buy Hiv self test kits off the shelf in a pharmacy but we still have to source HPV tests online and fight doctors in our appointments and put up with pestering to screen

    • adawells says:

      I heard that HIV kits are available in vending machines in various outlets, but as Kat says, HPV kits are still being witheld from screening in UK. You can order them online, but that fact is kept a secret in all the screening literature.

  13. Emily says:

    Omg yes!! Ive started seeing ads on hulu/YouTube for Getroman-a website where men can go to get ED drugs without “the awkward doctor visit”. Are you f*cking kidding me?!?! Typically the most awkward thing a guy has to do is just admit that his d*ck doesn’t get hard when he wants! And the docs just give it out like freakin candy! They always use the excuse “Oh but women won’t come in for a yearly physical!” Everyone knows that men are even worse about going to the doc but no that’s up to them. And its pretty much a given that ED pills are just as if not more dangerous than BC but nope men can be trusted to answer a questionnaire and assess the risks themselves. Suuuucccchhh bullsh*t! Whew ok rant over. Thanks for hearing me out 🙂

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