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How many women won’t go to doctors because of pap test coercion?

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Many women are choosing to opt out of pap tests.  Unfortunately, some of these women are not having their choices respected by their health care providers and are experiencing coercion. A poll published on this site asked women three questions … Continue reading

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Pap Smear Consent Form

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Pap smears are invasive and have potential for harm.  Currently in women’s health care, verbal and written consent for pap smears is lacking.  Information and consent in relation to pap smears is sometimes not offered to women and some women … Continue reading

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Pap Tests Are NOT Mandatory

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All cancer screening is optional, including pap tests to screen for cervical cancer.  Unfortunately, some women mistakenly believe pap tests are mandatory. The mistaken belief that pap tests are mandatory is mainly due to the fact some doctors fail to … Continue reading

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Doctors Need to Stop Pushing Pap Tests

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Doctors need to stop pushing pap tests, especially in light of new findings.  Some doctors have been getting away with the practice of withholding informed consent for a long time.  Women rarely get offered a choice about whether or not … Continue reading

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Pap Smears Considered ‘Animal Cruelty’

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A woman was arrested for performing pap smears on her dog.  She was charged with animal cruelty and sent to jail.  Yet women are expected to tolerate the same exam.  Women are expected to lay down and take it, often … Continue reading

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Informed Consent, ‘Planned Parenthood Style’: Guest Post

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This guest post is written by Diane, a valued contributor to this blog. Leading medical organizations state a pelvic exam/pap test is NOT medically indicated for women wanting birth control pills. However, some physicians continue to abuse women’s rights and … Continue reading

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Way Too Many Unnecessary Pap Tests

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Doctors’ overuse of pap tests has recently been put under closer inspection. Up to now there has been no concerted effort to quantify the extent of doctors’ overuse of unnecessary tests, but a U.S. task force has devised a method … Continue reading

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The Levy Case: Do Women Need to Take a Security Guard to the Gynocologist?

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The $190 million settlement between more than 8,000 female patients and Johns Hopkins Hospital was finalized Sept. 19th, but the cash settlement will do nothing to restore the loss of trust experienced by some women. The Levy Case Dr. Nikita … Continue reading

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Open letter to doctors re: cervical cancer screening “invitations”

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The following letter by an anonymous author was posted on a UK Health Forum and shared on this blog by Elizabeth (Aust): “Dear Doctors, Thank you for your recent letter in which you informed me that I am at risk … Continue reading

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Poll: How many women won’t go to doctors because of pap test coercion?

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Some women who choose to decline pap tests are having a hard time accessing health care.  Pap tests are used to detect abnormal cells on the cervix which are thought to potentially lead to cervical cancer.  Some women do not … Continue reading

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When Doctors Won’t Take “No” for an Answer

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People were outraged when the furtive practice of performing pelvic exams without consent on anesthetized women undergoing surgery came to light.  People discovered that women who were admitted to hospital for surgery were not being informed that their vaginas could … Continue reading

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Pap Test Coercion Getting More Attention

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When women visit a doctor they often are not going for the purpose of a pap smear, but find themselves having one anyway.  Frequently this is not because women have asked for one but because their doctor has told them … Continue reading

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Discussion Forum (Unnecessary Pap Smears: Part Two)

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This post has been created to provide an additional forum for discussion. Thank you Alex for suggesting the addition of an open forum devoted to discussion on this blog. (click on title or graphic to go to comments)

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