Discussion Forum (Unnecessary Pap Smears: Part Two)

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Hi. My name is Sue and I am interested in promoting holistic and respectful health care.
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3,772 Responses to Discussion Forum (Unnecessary Pap Smears: Part Two)

  1. Allison says:

    This is an old thread. But I found this recently, and nonetheless, I feel for the poor young woman.


    What really kills me is the aholes who replied to her post. Out of 30 people, only two gave her any sympathy.

    See how this affected her psychologically! None of this exam was worth it, now was it? In the years since her post, I hope things have gotten better in her life. Her mother should be ashamed of herself!

    • Anonymous says:

      i feel for her my self. my mom took me at age 18 i think. I was told nothing.
      The dr said i wa tight and try again another time. That wad the start of yrs of failed exams. trauma and no help. i hope that lady dhas not suffered like i did

  2. linda says:

    I came across this terrible account on the net about a year ago. I was very angry at the time. This young woman was raped in my opinion by an overzealous doctor who didn’t give a f… about the well being of her patient.

    Many GP’s inadvertantly ‘rape’ their patients by forcing unwanted smears on reluctant women. It is a scandal that has been going on unchecked for decades – (particularly in Britain by the NHS organisation which has operated the smear programme since 1988.)

    Women cannot trust doctors. There are predators out there in medicine not only that but doctors are sometimes skewed by the thinking they are doing something in the patients best interests. Woman the world over need to educate themselves about doctors and protect themselves within the consult rooms. We have been too trusting.

    This site is so helpful in educating women about the medical profession.

  3. adawells says:


    Mint, I ‘d like to get my nails done, but just can’t seem to get around to it these days. It must be because I’m a silly, embarrassed person who needs help. Perhaps the health service could spend £££0000 on research to help me get over this? Thank heavens for the PAPM process to help me decide: Pressure, Anger, Propaganda, Manipulation!

  4. Anna U says:

    Hi. I am a regular lurker on these forums, and I have to say you gave me back my peace of mind. I hate doctors, and have no whatsoever trust in them. I always thought smear tests are a con at best, a conspiracy at worst. I refused any and all contact with gyn doctors. However I became frightened recently, as I noticed I started to spot mid-cycle. Second time its happening now, tiny streaks of blood in the mucus like hair, before that it happened in January, it was a few drops of pink discharge. I started taking blackstrap molasses and cut caffeine, and the spotting was gone. Now its back(so is the old unhealthy lifestyle) and it is only a tiny, tiny, amount, barely detectable, I only noticed it because I am really stressed out in this phase of my life and therefore paying a neurotic amount of attention to my body. Am I overreacting? I am now worried about worrying. I am beating myself up for worrying so much. I know rationally that I am overreacting and yet the idea of having to go to such a doctor is so insidious it makes me worry. I don’t even really care about some light spotting, I am way more scared of the gyn-industrial complex!

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