Discussion Forum (Unnecessary Pap Smears: Part Two)

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Hi. My name is Sue and I am interested in promoting holistic and respectful health care.
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3,301 Responses to Discussion Forum (Unnecessary Pap Smears: Part Two)

  1. Evaro says:

    I LOVE this site!! I’m from the US, and though we don’t have a screening authority, we have some pretty pushy doctors here too. Ive been visiting this site for over a year and i figured its about time i left a comment to show my appriciation. Thank you all!
    My mom made me go to the gyn when I was 18 and everything that is talked about here is exactly what happened to me. First pap- not a a good specimen. Second pap a few weeks later- a typical cells and referral for colposcopy. Colposcopy revieled atypical squemous cells and positive for high risk strains of HPV. Shortly after that, my mom lost her health insurance and I moved out and never did any follow up treatments or appointments. Fast forward to 23 years old and I was pregnant with my first, and the new OB sprung a pap on me at my first prenatal appointment. I had actually put off making a prenatal appointment until I was 20 weeks pregnant because I was dreading a pap and pelvic. I wasn’t asked or given a heads up, just treated like a routine thing. Still as upsetting as I remember it being before. At the next appointment the doctor said everything was fine and I was HPV negative. I told him about my previous historyandi didn’t understand how that could be possible. He disclosed that these things often clear up on their own. The only good thing that came from that pap was proof. Their really is no bennifit to screening so young. Such a piece of mind to be able to say no now. If I wouldve followed my doctors orders who knows what would have happened. I may not have my two beautiful children if I had any of those follow-up procedures. I feel confident saying no because I am living proof that the test is bogus.

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