The Hidden Truth About the Female Penis (Warning: Graphic Images)


Did you know that female and male reproductive organs aren’t all that different from each other?  During the first few weeks of fetal development the internal and external sex organs are the same in both boys and girls. It is not until the 16th to 18th week of pregnancy that a baby’s gender can be determined.  Basically, the structures are very similar – it is just the placement and purposes that vary.  If you compare a woman’s cervix and the glans of a male’s penis you can see how similar they look:

9298287 Glans of a penis

age-45-day-19wv-150x150 A woman’s cervix (speculum view)

When the cervix is pulled down through the vagina it looks similar to a penis – but without the skin.  The cervix (followed by  the uterus) is being pulled out through the vagina in the image below:

27052009(002)Female reproductive organs remain inside the pelvic structure while male organs descend.  The descent is not complete until after birth, as male testicles do not drop down into the scrotum until about 6 months of age:

index.jpg77drk001370Did you know that the uterus and cervix play an important role during orgasm? The uterus is responsible for the strong, sustained contractions; the cervix dips, supports, and increases sensitivity.

Did you know that incidence of testis cancer in men is similar to incidence of cervical cancer in women?  Incidence of testis cancer per 100,000 is 6.75, incidence of cervical cancer of per 100,000 is 7.46 (Canadian statistics).  Incidence of prostate cancer is much higher at 140 per 100,000.

Given the similarities between female and male sex organs . . .

Why are women’s sex organs depicted as vulnerable and in need of constant examination?
Why are men not subjected to the same pressures?  Why have womens’ reproductive organs spawned such a lucrative medical industry?
Why are women subjected to invasive exams so disproportionate to the risk or to the attention given to men?
Why are women castrated at rates that are unimaginable for men?



  1. Very informative.

    I might add that the cervix also serves a function to filter the semen with a mesh of mucus it’s gland cells produce. Unfiltered semen cannot be injected into the uterus during an artificial insemination. It must be washed first. A functioning (intact) cervix does the filtering naturally.

    I believe that circumcision of male babies and children is totally wrong. If an adult male decides to have the procedure for whatever reason fine. It just seems that so many doctors support infant circumcision and they are probably the same ones who think that amputating a women’s cervix during a LEEP or cone biopsy is just fine too. It is totally wrong and about 20% of women who have LEEP done have dysplasia come back (who knows if the original reason was for HPV infection anyway) . These disfiguring surgeries that cause sexual dysfunction and harm to men and women should be stopped.

    While some people might not think that a comparison of circumcision to LEEP is fair, I might point out that what if often behind all the excessive pap testing and treatments is misogyny. Men might have a circumcision for religious reasons or falsely because it is believed to be more hygienic. Then only the minimum amount of the foreskin is removed. Rarely is circumcision recommended for medical reasons.

    Men can have HPV lesions inside their urethra and between the foreskin and the glands only they are never scraped at yearly intervals their whole adults life. I might note that homosexual men are being anally pap tested at the same rate as some women. Some of them find the procedures and “treatments” as upsetting as most women. The Gay lesbian trans community have been abused by the medical industry for years now.

    • to a lot of girls uncircumcised penises look weird. There isn’t any hard proof that it increases infection risk or does anything really damaging but removing the foreskin does allow guys to clean a lot easier, as a girl i wouldn’t want to go down on a guy that has old bacteria inside the foreskin that he missed in the shower, i wouldn’t want a guy to do that to me if i wasn’t clean from the same stuff that builds up in the vagina even after cleaning.

      • No. Men who have been taught hygiene have no problems keeping themselves clean. My husband is uncircumcised, and as this is a man’s natural state, it does not look funny. Women who think so are suffering from a lack of maturity.

  2. Oddly you can vaginally remove kidneys. Haven’t looked into how. The vagina connects to the uterus via cervix but the kidneys are not connected to the uterus in any way.

    Circumcision is useless unless there’s a clear medical reason requiring circ. I never understood how putting an open wound in a diaper/nappy filled with feces and urine with a proven 99% risk of infection outweighed simply waiting till the. Kid was older and willing to choose for himself. We left our son “natural” after my research. As far as religious reasons go, if a god wanted the penis to look a certain way, wouldn’t that god have created the penis to look that way? I read a few articles saying thd foreskin prevents hpv and has antibacterial purposes. Another thing, they say circ reduces smegma. The female labia also make smegma, yet it’s illegal to rempve them.

    • Hi Overitall
      Actually, I’ve read circumcised heterosexual men are less likely to get HPV and other STIs…
      “Heterosexual men who undergo medical circumcision can significantly reduce their risk of acquiring two common sexually transmitted infections — herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2), the cause of genital herpes, and human papillomavirus (HPV), which can cause cancer and genital warts”
      …there are quite a few reports that say the same thing.
      It’s certainly easier to clean the area with no foreskin, but that’s not a reason to remove it, just means the man needs to take the time to clean the area properly.
      I wonder what the research would show with men who clean the area properly.
      I’ve also read older uncircumcised men get a lot more UTIs, but also, wonder if that could be addressed with greater care in nursing homes. (catheter care)

      It’s a controversial area, I haven’t spent a lot of time looking at the subject, if I had a son, then it would have been on my research list, along with Gardasil. I prefer to do my own research and ask lots of questions – to someone I trust. I’ve found in the past (and continue to find) the evidence often contradicts the official discourse, particularly in women’s “healthcare” and cancer screening.
      It’s funny how circumcision goes in waves, it’s clearly a religious/cultural thing for some groups, it happened around the Great Wars because they believed men could keep themselves cleaner in the trenches when they couldn’t shower/wash etc…they’d get fewer STIs, UTIs etc.
      My husband and brothers were all circumcised, it was the done thing in the 1950s and 1960s in Australia, parents were strongly advised to carry out the procedure on their newborn sons, now I suspect the reverse would apply, you’d be strongly advised not to carry out the procedure, my 3 nephews are all intact.

      • Circumcision on a healthy baby boy is nothing short of sexual molestation, rape and leaves the boy with life long scars on his penis in where he will have to live with his entire life. Where is the law to protect our boys? Such a cruel and inhumane vulgar act done to the most erogenous zone on a mans body. It even scars the baby boys brain, sends it into shock and it will never recover we now know. And we wonder why boys commit suicide 4 to 1 per girls. Enter into life with being tied down and violently raped with body parts torn off and we wonder how could we expect them to grow up normal. And how many boys die every year in North America from this atrocity? 200+ yet no charges of wrong doing, no one goes to jail. if this was done to animals all the whack jobs doing this would be jailed and fined! Rape and pillaging was normal 100’s of years ago yet it died a proper death, when oh when will this cruelest left over from those ages die with it.

  3. What really pisses me if off is that doctors to this day still tell women sex is better after hysterectomy because ‘you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant! ‘Yep this sort of BS is actually spouted in old medical journals like The Lancet. It’s written by clueless male gynecologists of course. What the fuck (excuse the pun)would they know about the female orgasm? That’s why it pisses me off that people pooh pooh women who say they want a female gynecologist. They DO know their physiology better than any male doctor. I read countless articles from people in the medical profession worried about the dwindling numbers of men going into gynecology. Nobody seems too worried that there aren’t many female urologists. Go to hell male gynecologists – you’ve needlessly butchered women’s bodies over the decades.

    • So true, Mary! According to the same logic, sex will be even better without men’s testicles. We definitely won’t need to worry about getting pregnant! Shall we proceed? 😉 Let’s start with the doctor who said that nonsense about the uterus.

      I think men should be banned from telling women what’s better for their reproductive organs, orgasms or how painful (or not) something is. Male obgyns are the biggest nonsense medical systems keep producing all over the world!

    • It’s true there aren’t many female urologists so I’m not sure whether I’m lucky or unlucky to have had a female urologist treat me after an accident that damaged my testicles. After many tests and delays (requested by me) she eventually convinced me that my testicles were beyond saving and that they’d have to be removed. I doubt a male doctor would have held out for any longer. Anyway, I think I can relate to your concerns: a female urologist removed my testicles, female nurses dressed my wounds, and a female endocrinologist is helping me get my testosterone levels back to normal. All very professional, though.

  4. I found this reasoning as to why men don’t have a test for HPV. After all it is what causes cancer in women so why shouldn’t men be tested as well??

    “Finally, there exists yet another reason why a clinical HPV test for men is not yet available. For one thing, we don’t yet know which part of the male genitals should be tested for the virus. Also, it is generally much more difficult to collect a good cell sample from male genital skin than from female genitals, because the male genitalia have tougher and thicker covering than does the cervix. Recent research studies have looked at ways of getting a better sample from men, such as using a fine-grade of sand paper to “exfoliate” the skin; yes, our reaction was the same as yours…”

    Obviously this was written by a man because I am pretty sure a pap test feels exactly like someone scraping your insides with sandpaper!! Why isn’t more research being put into testing men? Why aren’t they pressured to get tests done regularly?

    Oh that’s right because its usually men who control the funding for research and conduct it and lets be honest they would much rather make women take their clothes off and look inside their vaginas then look at a mans genitals.

    • Human Papilloform Virus the causative micro-organism for cervical cancer breeds in the cervix. There is no incidence of the same in males.

      • Hi Kat. Its going to be called ‘cervical screening – thirty years of pap rape’ in it i am going to name and shame my docs. Especially Nurse Grimey. Its only in planning yet. I am just tinkering with the chapters ideas yet tho i have already written the intro and some other bits. Once i’m sure where i’m going with this i will open it up for anyone to contribute in any way. Because we can’t post names here i intend offering up my private email or asking sue to forward them to me. I think the next step in our fight is to prod and poke and embarress individuals outright. I don’t think there’s a whole lot they can do about it. And if they did it, would bring thete misdeeds out in the open.

        I’m only trying to walk of that sciatica. Its so annoying. Have you got rid of yours yet?

        Have you noticed some creep called dr bidyas bas trying to scratch some words out to us? Whats he/she rattling on about?


      • @ Dr Bijoy Das. You are misinformed. According to the US Centre for Disease Control (the major public health body in the US):

        “HPV stands for human papillomavirus. … HPV is so common that nearly all sexually active men and women get it at some point in their lives.”

        “Although most HPV infections go away on their own without causing problems, HPV can cause men to develop genital warts, or some kinds of cancer. ,,, HPV infection isn’t cancer but can cause changes in the body that lead to cancer. HPV infections usually go away by themselves but having an HPV infection can cause certain kinds of cancer to develop. These include cervical cancer in women, penile cancer in men, and anal cancer in both women and men. HPV can also cause cancer in the back of the throat, including the base of the tongue and tonsils (called oropharyngeal cancer).”

        Try googling “CDC men HPV” to find more information. If you are a practising medical doctor then you should know about this very common STD, which turns up in men as well as women.

      • The main reason why men are not tested is simply because most men would not find it acceptable. There are penile speculums available and a swab of the penile shaft can be taken, anal swabs can also be taken! If I can find the original study/trial I will post this. So yes a man can be tested for HPV and anyone stating the opposite is incorrect. It has been done and can be done. But as all these tests are designed by men they feel they should put the blame and responsibility onto women, selfish and ignorant. Oh I forgot, it’s too “invasive” for a man to accept, great thanks guys, but women just have to do as they are told and get used it, told it is simple and not invasive, just who are you trying to kid! So women get HPV from men, go to “invasive” screening get an abnormal test, sent to colposcopy for more invasive tests/biopsies etc. get parts of their cervix removed with its own complications and then let her return back to the man that possibly gave her HPV in the first place! Repeat the cycle for women over and over again. Disgusting approach! HPV Testing for men can be done but you choose not to put yourselves through it and pass all the grief onto women!
        Oh and I just found this one (not the original I saw but will keep looking):

        and this one:
        Name – Anal Cancer Screening – Type – Procedure
        Description – Anal pap test to test for HPV performed at first study visit. Anal samples collected by gently swabbing the anal area with a cotton swab.
        Name – High-Resolution Anoscopy (HRA) -Type – Procedure
        Description – High-resolution anoscopy (HRA) performed at first study visit. Liquid solution of diluted acetic acid flushed into anal canal. Colposcope inserted into anus and used to take pictures of possible pre-cancerous areas.
        Name – Penile Cancer Screening – Type – Procedure
        Description – During first study visit penis rubbed with a cotton-like swab to test for HPV.
        Name – Blood Draw – Type – Procedure
        Description – Blood (about 2 teaspoons) drawn to test for HPV antibodies

        So Yes a man should be tested…..and wow there you go A Blood test is available too!! What a surprise!

    • Linda sounds really good ‘! Sorry for the sciatica. It’s literally a real pain! Mines eased a bit but I’m being more careful. I’m also taking care not to lift and bend so much. Yes had noted our new poster! X

  5. A hysterectomy or any other vaginal removal procedure should not be done. Everything is there for a reason. Including the appendix which doctors are finding out that it is a gland that releases necessary enzymes and hormones. The same with tonsils, thyroid and gallbladder. Dentists are finding out that you should not remove wisdom teeth unless they are causing real problems. Many doctors will remove these organs to “prevent” future problems. When in truth, removing them causes much more problems and diseases. Everything in your body is there for a reason and should NOT be removed unless it is a life threatening emergency.

  6. I agree with you, Chuck
    I’m horrified at the suggestion a hysterectomy is an easy decision after a woman has finished having children. (not all women have children anyway)
    I recall a US doctor saying on a health forum a few years ago, “why would a woman want to keep a bleeding, unnecessary uterus that exposes her to the future risk of cancer?”. (think it was
    Where do you start with that level of ignorance?

    The female reproductive organs have a role to play right through life. I have my reproductive organs, tonsils, gall bladder and appendix, I wouldn’t agree to anything being removed, “just in case”.
    Of course, with the hysteria over breast cancer, many have their perfectly healthy breasts removed “just in case”. Even those with a genetic mutation putting them at higher risk of cancer need to carefully consider their options, surgery should be approached with extreme caution, and from an informed base.
    I lost my wisdom teeth, they were impacted and causing pain in my jaw and neck, I had them out under GA in a private hospital, my sister was brave enough to have them out in the chair.
    I came out looking like I’d been in a car accident, severe bruising and swelling, sore ribs (I guess the oral surgeon was leaning on me to get a better grip) and I swallowed a lot of blood. I assume he worked quickly and fairly roughly because I was out to it. My sister found it an unpleasant thing, but faired better, her dentist was careful not to cause more discomfort than necessary.
    With the obsession with pre-cancerous this and that, I fear far too many people (especially women) lose perfectly healthy parts of their body “just in case”. It’s madness.

    • Elizabeth, it’s interesting that the body parts which protect women from disease are the same parts that are targeted for removal. Women live longer than men and are less prone to disease because of the extra protection that our breasts and uteri provide. Breasts are packed with lymph nodes that work to filter out bacteria, viruses, and other intruders. The uterus provides cardiovascular protection. Women who have had a hysterectomy experience three times greater incidence of heart disease:
      We are led to believe that these parts are prone to disease and are going to kill us, when in fact they are the parts protecting us, and that give us an advantage over men.

    • I’d consider having my remaining 2 wisdom teeth taken out pre-emptively. This is only because in the UK you can’t just go in, get booked in, and have them out a week or two later. If we had swift service like that I’d wait and see. The NHS waiting list will be several months, even if you have recurrent infection or terrible nerve pain. I went private and still had to wait 2 months, and was lucky there was even a private dentist in the area that did impacted wisdom removals. He’s the only one as far as I know.

  7. I would never think that ANY organ needs to be removed “just in case,” but sometimes there is legitimate cause to remove things, IMHO.

    When I was a teenager I had horrible tonsillitis, ear and throat infections. Antibiotics, diet changes, allergy tests, antivirals, immunotherapy…nothing helped. Eventually the infection just kept going back and forth from the tonsils to the ears, my tonsils were literally rotting messes with holes in them, and I begged and pleaded with doctors to please take them out…only to be told “we don’t do that anymore.” I suffered for all of high school and all of University before I found an ENT who would remove the tonsils. By that point they were so infected that the surgery was complicated. When the tonsils were out, the infections STOPPED. Period. And they have been gone for 15 years now. Taking out the tonsils was the best thing a doctor’s ever done for me.

    Another example, wisdom teeth – I had four that were impacted and rotting below the gum line; they were also crushing the other teeth together in my narrow jaw. Removing those teeth saved the others and also relived crowding in my mouth.

    So yes, I do think that when we veer to the other side of the spectrum and say that there’s NEVER a cause to remove organs, it hurts just as much as those trigger-happy doctors. I’m not saying that to dismiss the fact that doctors are way to eager to rip out women’s uterii and other reproductive structures, I am just saying we can never say “never.”

    • I hadn’t read your comment when I did mine above about wisdom teeth. I totally agree that a patient should be able to elect to have surgery because in that case it hasn’t been forced onto them and they haven’t been misinformed. When the health service is taxpayer-funded, surely it makes sense from a financial POV to deal with a problem by performing minor surgery than to have repeated doctor visits, prescriptions, work hours lost (or not being able to work at all), education affected etc…

      • Absolutely. I worry when I hear about people having “proactive” masectomies and such just because they found out they carry the BRCA gene, but swinging in the other direction where surgery is NEVER performed can’t be helpful either. Informed consent is the important thing.

        I’d say that along with the financial aspect, there’s also the most important thing: that needed surgery, performed with informed consent, can have a more positive effect on a patient. With me and the tonsils, waiting for so many years to remove them meant that I sometimes spent as many as 300 days a year on antibiotics. I built up antibiotic resistance, I put a lot of medications into my body, and I was constantly sick, which couldn’t have done good things for my system overall. And whatever bacteria was being hosted in my tonsils had a chance to grow resistant to all the tactics we tried to eliminate it. Taking out the tonsils after a year or two of that misery, instead of expecting me to suffer with it for years and just throwing antibiotic scrips at me, would have definitely improved my quality of life.

  8. The wide abuse of baby boys having their forskin torn off of the glans is absolutely sick and now we see the life long trauma it does to these victims brains, the boys never recover. Yet our society says this is not sexual mutilation, are we that brain washed with religious fanatics? God never wanted this and it is a fact that boys can wash their own penis, what ridiculous garbage to promote such mutilations on defenseless babies. You live your entire life with mutilated sexual organ. Every time you go to bathroom the scars you see, how sad is this to be a man

    • I also find circumcision a bizarre practice – and certainly not something that should be done unless the patient is a consenting adult. In the UK where I live it’s just not common at all. It’s certainly not standard medical practice, which is seems to be in the US. I’d assume that most circumcisions in the UK are done for religious reasons, which I still completely disagree with. The fact it’s seen as a medical/hygiene necessity in the US, but totally uncalled for in the UK, suggests the medical/hygiene argument is a load of nonsense.

      • Circumcision might look like a cruel practice but in the babies the foreskin of penis is soft and the procedure is simple fast and recovery is speedy. The glans remains clean and free from bacterial/fungal infections. The Old Testament ordains it so also The Holy Quran. In fact in some tribal animist religions of Africa circumcision is prevalent.

  9. The simple answer to the questions…why don’t men have to endure these types of procedures…they will not tolerate it and the doctors over the years(mostly other men) know this.

    • Definitely agree. That is the reason men don’t get hassled although I’ve heard of some countries, or some areas within certain countries, who are now trying to herd men into prostate exams – notably Canada and the US (where else?!). That said, I don’t think men are so susceptibile to pressure. They (like some women, including myself) see any health procedure as a personal decision and don’t tend to discuss it with all and sundry. The way many women see screening is quite frankly bizarre, and something to be eagerly discussed with female friends and relatives, resorting to bitter, emotional arguments if you disagree with them, instead of being logical and rational about the whole thing.

  10. It would be truly bizarre for there to be a government prostate screening registry with men getting their reminder letters and being asked questions such as how many sexual partners they have had, how many children, if they smoke, take bubble baths, what type of menstrual products their female partners uses, what colour underwear they wear, what type of birth control they use or if they use condoms regularly and then ask them at what age they started masterbating or having sex with other people, if they had any discharge, infection, impotency issues AND PUTTING that all in a database.

    I have heard about gay men being pressured and hassled into anal pap tests and treatments by some doctors. They find this just as upsetting as some women. However men who are not openly gay or do not have sex with other men can still have HPV.

    • Your so write Moo. If You Key in to search engine UCI gyno exam its terrible. These ‘children’ are asked if the mast’ and how heavy their mens’ flow is. Its just disgusting. They’re only enrolling in school to study a degree. Here in Engkand no one would evef be given that form it would be illegal.

      • Thanks for submitting your piece Linda. Yes it makes us all so angry at the duping and lies which go on in our surgeries. I am so sorry you went through all this. I will be submitting 2 pieces, one on my personal experiences and another on a brief history of the NHS screening programme. Hope to get this finished in the next couple of weeks.
        I hope this project is helping you to heal. It will be great to get this information out there.

    • That always erks me how woman are expected to tell all there sexual business to doctors and I have never seen a form in a Dr office on the men’s side of the sheet about sexuall partners.

      • Hi Ada Two pieces is great. One of them sounds like the ideal piece for an introduction. I’m sure its going to be fab I cant wait to read them. Submit date is 20th December so plenty of time to work on them. I have already designed the ‘cover’ using Sues logo of the woman with the black hair. It looks professional.

        Hi Eliz. We are all going to bring something different to this book. There’s nothing like it on the net. I know there’s a few proper books like Marg Maccartney and some others that touch on smears but as part of a wider discussion on screening. Germaine Greer was panned for hers though which is a shame. Anyway the ‘young’ ones coming along now won’t be interested in buying hardback books from shops they are more likely to dowload ours.
        Plus these other writers are confined to publishing conventions and haven’t been able to stick their heads to high over the paraphet.
        With ours we can write anything we want.
        I cant wait to see Diane’s account I bet she doesn’t hold back.
        Anger is a fab asset to do something like this. When i got this ipad last year I kept going on kindle typing in subjects i like and downloading the free books. If a woman types in smear tests, cervical screening or womens health we will be the only free book on the subject. There is no stoping us now.
        And if all the women here contribute as well to the book as well as creating their own books to put on kindle there will be no stoping us. We could dominate kindle in no time.

  11. I’m in the doctors with my grandmother for her visit. There’s a poster on the wall telling woman what they “should” have and a pap smear and HPV testing after 30. Omg I’m so sick of hearing what we “should” be doing with are bodies after sertain ages. The poster disgusted me but I guess its no surprise. I was going to see my grandmothers doctor for an illment I had. But heck no I will never be his patent as it seems he made a permanent patent out of my grandmother.

  12. There have been claims that Gender Reassignment Surgery results in total sexual satisfaction of the subject. I am interested in the case of transwomen. Do they get an orgasm? Does the clitoris fibrillate? Is the cervix lubricated as in case of genetic women?

  13. A friend of mine has put her sixteen yearold on birth control pills because my friend said the she has endo and is trying to keep her daughter from geting it by using the pill. Her daughter has been ver depressed and tslking about killing herself. Now my gtandmother said it caused her to feel like she was anxious going out of her head when she was younger on the pill . Also i read bc can cause or worssen depression. I think my friend has been told by her foctor to get her daughter to come in scaring her about endometriosis runing in her family and prevention. Its just sickening to me. I have been around her and shes been acting do depressed. I think its the pill but her foctor wont tell her that and its sad to see. I know some font have any problems being on them but this is just alarming.

  14. I think both sex organs are beautiful. A girl born with both vagina and penis is just as beautiful as girl with vagina only.

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