Video Highlights Abuse Some Women Face When Accessing Birth Control

This video parodies what it would be like for men attempting to buy condoms if they were treated the same way as women are when attempting to access birth control pills.  The World Health Organization (WHO), American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), and other health leaders have declared that a pelvic exam/pap test is not medically necessary for birth control pills.  However, some doctors are continuing to withhold birth control pills until women succumb to these invasive exams.


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7 Responses to Video Highlights Abuse Some Women Face When Accessing Birth Control

  1. Alex says:

    You know, it’s strange to me that this comes from Buzzfeed. I don’t remember a lot of their stuff that I thought was any kind of useful.

    It would be real interesting if they portrayed a woman in a major movie that didn’t go along with that & the man agreed with her- maybe getting into some detail & making observations about the situation as a concept.

    I really think that it would never come
    up in school, they seem to be more interested in working against someone’s personal autonomy in all matters.

  2. linda says:

    While this video is fun to watch there is a darker side to the story.

    I remember a ‘pill check’ as if it were yesterday.

    I had gone to Dr V to renew my script. I think i had been on the pill about a year when he sprung a smear test on me. I didn’t agree to one. The whole thing was framed as if i didn’t have a choice. That it was a given i would be having the test. He didn’t tell me anything really. Certainly no mention of false of neg positives or that i had a choice to decline. I think i gave in because it was implied he wouldn’t renew my script. He offered condoms as an alternative. I was only 22 and wanted to please my husband as we hadn’t been married long. So looking back the threat was hanging in the air if i didn’t submit.

    My smear test took about half an hour with him coming and going with the speculum stuck in me. He even went over to his desk to write something. Even taking the thing out was not rushed. I remember when i had my secong with the nurse thinking how quickly it was done.

    I can never prove this doctor had a great time i just know it inside. He is retired now.

    Its time the pill was freely available over the counter. More than time.

  3. I used to live in the Middle East where the pill is freely available over the counter. It was like a god send and I could avoid the doctor’s office. When we moved back to the UK, my Partner ended up getting a vasectomy so I could get off the treadmill of propaganda and harassment that is “women’s healthcare.”

    It is ABSOLUTELY time the pill was available over the counter.

    You could kill yourself overdosing on NSAID’s for example but they are freely available – buy as many as you want. Want something specific for women – you need to be treated like a silly little girl and humiliated.

  4. adawells says:

    He gets off way too easily. A breast exam through a surgical gown? She should have whipped it off forcefully just like they do, and had a good grope.

  5. Emily says:

    Ha I got a good kick outta that one! The video is obviously satirical but that was actually a very smart way to portray this issue…afterall no one from my generation or younger pays attention to anything unless it’s on social media. For those of us seeking a more thoughtful/intelligent briefing I thought this article did a good job A little older maybe but still had some solid points and the comments were interesting.

  6. Alex says:

    You know, I notice that there’s not nearly as much mention of this as there is of legal weed. Maybe that’s something to attach to? Maybe the younger women could be mentioning it when there’s a “Do you think that weed should be legalized?” survey? Seems like it would be pretty easy to do in a college town, maybe during some event.

    Another idea is that someone can do one of these types of surveys with the birth control pill & put it on Youtube. Maybe I hate to say it this way, but GET HOT WOMEN TO DO IT! Not necessarily models/strippers/etc, but not necessarily not those, either (I’m sure you could pay them to do the survey, it’s just a question of figuring out how to go about hiring them). It’s not that they’re more important, it’s just that it works better to net support most of the time & it’s not nearly as prone to jokes or disregard, since it’s more plausible for a lot of people that she might have this as a potential problem (as opposed to one that’s very obese/scrawny).

    I’m really not trying to be cruel & I know it’s just as accurate of a point (even if a dude makes it), but that sort of tactic nets support- from both men & women. I remember seeing a meme with a very big woman (easily 300lbs) that was wearing a tiara & the caption was “Who’s going to pay for my birth control?” You see how that could be reacted to, right?

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