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How many women won’t go to doctors because of pap test coercion?

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Many women are choosing to opt out of pap tests.  Unfortunately, some of these women are not having their choices respected by their health care providers and are experiencing coercion. A poll published on this site asked women three questions … Continue reading

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Video Highlights Abuse Some Women Face When Accessing Birth Control

This video parodies what it would be like for men attempting to buy condoms if they were treated the same way as women are when attempting to access birth control pills.  The World Health Organization (WHO), American College of Obstetricians … Continue reading

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Unnecessary Pap Smears Discussion Forum

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This post has been created to provide an additional forum for discussion, and is a continuation of the old Blogcritics’ Unnecessary Pap Smears discussion.  The original Blogcritics Unnecessary Pap Smears discussion had more than 10,000 comments, but the comments were … Continue reading

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Why Some Women Distrust Doctors

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It’s difficult for some women to trust their doctors these days.  There are many reasons for the lack of trust, including the following: Mainstream Media – Media is keeping the public updated on all sorts of unsavory events involving doctors.   … Continue reading

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Pap Tests Are NOT Mandatory

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All cancer screening is optional, including pap tests to screen for cervical cancer.  Unfortunately, some women mistakenly believe pap tests are mandatory. The mistaken belief that pap tests are mandatory is mainly due to the fact some doctors fail to … Continue reading

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Call For Submissions: “Cervical Screening – 30 Years of Pap Rape”

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This forum is dedicated to a book project led by Linda, an informed woman, an activist, and a contributor to this site. In the UK it will be 30 years since the programme of smear testing began. Women (and men) … Continue reading

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Call For Submissions: The Truth of Women’s Experiences They Don’t Want You to Read

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This forum is dedicated to a book project led by Linda, an informed woman and  contributor to this site.  The book will contain a compilation of  stories about women’s experiences with health care. Women who wish to have their experiences … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Has Gynecology Ever Faced Its Shameful Past?

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This guest post is written by K. Badgers, a valued contributor to this blog. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” ~ George Santayana Memory is intrinsically entwined with politics – there are restrictions on who … Continue reading

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Informed Consent, ‘Planned Parenthood Style’: Guest Post

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This guest post is written by Diane, a valued contributor to this blog. Leading medical organizations state a pelvic exam/pap test is NOT medically indicated for women wanting birth control pills. However, some physicians continue to abuse women’s rights and … Continue reading

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Open letter to doctors re: cervical cancer screening “invitations”

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The following letter by an anonymous author was posted on a UK Health Forum and shared on this blog by Elizabeth (Aust): “Dear Doctors, Thank you for your recent letter in which you informed me that I am at risk … Continue reading

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Pap Test Coercion Getting More Attention

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When women visit a doctor they often are not going for the purpose of a pap smear, but find themselves having one anyway.  Frequently this is not because women have asked for one but because their doctor has told them … Continue reading

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All I want this Christmas is informed consent for pap tests!

Dear Santa, Could I please have some informed consent for Christmas?  It would be so lovely to have doctors tell women the truth about pap tests!  It would be so nice if doctors told women that: “cervical cancer is rare”, … Continue reading

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Will the Affordable Care Act Affect Women’s Right to Decline “Optional” Screening Tests?

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Some women are questioning how the Affordable Care Act will affect their right to informed consent in regards to pap tests/pelvic exams.  Some of the questions women are asking include the following: Will insurance company policies require pap tests as … Continue reading

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“Choosing Wisely” Means Fewer Pap Tests or None At All

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A public campaign called “Choosing Wisely” is helping to raise awareness about the potential harms of unnecessary medical tests and treatments.  The campaign, launched by the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation and nine American physician organizations, promotes discussion between … Continue reading

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Doctors Mistake Toes for Genitals

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This woman has difficulty finding a doctor who can tell the difference between her toenails and her genitals: Twice, TWICE this year I have gone to doctors to be seen for toenail fungus. For those of you who have not … Continue reading

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Woman Fights Back Against Pap Test Marketing Tactics

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The National Health Service (NHS), a publicly funded healthcare group, utilized marketing techniques designed to tug on women’s heartstrings and instill fear in an effort to increase cervical cancer screening in the United Kingdom.  The NHS used carefully crafted appeals … Continue reading

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