Radical Changes to Pap Testing in Australia

As of December 1, 2017, Australia introduced some big changes to its cervical cancer screening program.   The outdated pap test has been replaced with a new HPV test, and intervals between testing have extended from once every two years to testing once every five years.  There is also a new recommended age to begin testing.  Australian women were previously encouraged to begin screening at age 18, but women are now advised to begin screening at age 25.

The reason for the changes is due to the improved accuracy of the HPV test. Experts claim that HPV testing is more accurate than the pap test, and therefore does not need to be done as often (source).

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315 Responses to Radical Changes to Pap Testing in Australia

  1. adawells says:


    I don’t know if any of you have seen this new article which has come out. It makes for very sad reading that women are so blind, brainless and besotted with screening, but it’s true. The sample group were all committed screeners, so that’s got to skew the results in a big way, but it’s all very clear how, even when the overdiagnosis revelation shocks them, they still want to be invited for screening.
    Whilst it calls for a culture change, (no doubt, they’ll want another ton of research cash to find out the best way to do that), there is no mention that the pink ribbon brainwashing campaigns are still endemic and in full swing. No mention that just stopping the promotion of mammography, would go a long way in letting attendance tail off naturally. I’ve noticed that those in the medical profession seem blindly unaware of the bullying, harrassmant and downright threats which are commonplace in doctors surgeries to get women to screen.

  2. Kiwicelt says:

    Ladies apparently hundreds of women will be “saved” from cervical cancer with the introduction of HPV testing in the UK.


  3. katrehman says:

    Vomitable! I’ll plug away at comments overy the day Kiwi…already one of mine is up….

    • Kiwicelt says:

      Excellent!They haven’t put my last one up and I sent it twice! Interesting how the blokes feel they are missing out because they don’t have their own screening!

  4. katrehman says:

    Way to go Kiwi I loved your reply to my last comment….x

    • Judy says:

      Great job, both of you! Men are incredibly short sighted and naive if they think women’s healthcare needs are taking precedence over theirs. In reality it’s just the opposite – men are being protected from the harms of unreliable testing while women are not! Men receive informed consent and women don’t!

    • adawells says:

      You’ve both got loads of thumbs up. Where’s the resistance all gone? No-one replying. Perhaps they’ve got the message and been educated by your comments? Oh, hang on a minute, it’s the Daily Mail, so I expect they’re looking up cervical screening in Mein Kampf.

      • Kiwicelt says:

        Certainly more informed women out there now.

      • katrehman says:

        Ada maybe times are changing. I remember a few years back there would be literally 100’s of comments on a piece about smears and any non screener or those critical of it would be shot down in flames. They would also get lots of red arrows. There’s not even many comments this time. Of course the HPV issue isn’t really new. A while ago the same daily fail ran a piece..screen women for HPV at the same time as their smear test. .as Elizabeth would say just assuming that all women DO have smears….

    • Just went and gave all your comments a thumbs up 🙂 I’m also really surprised at the absence of the militant screening brigade.

      I am also active on Twitter and it seems all the pro-screeners sending “just go, it will save your life” messages have gone fairly quiet too. Certainly quieter than they have been.

  5. Judy says:

    There are a few people out there with critical thinking skills, though unfortunately they’re woefully few and far between.

  6. katrehman says:

    Yes..thanks Caroline x

  7. katrehman says:

    Hi ladies I just read piece in telegraph about STI infection. It mentions globally 291 million women “harbour the HPV virus. No mention of infection in men…

  8. adawells says:


    I have recently posted on this site, but so far nothing has come up. Interesting to see that 1808 cases of cervical cancer were diagnosed in the UK in 2008, and 339 more in 2009 when Ms Goody died. Can’t quite see where the 3000 cases diagnosed every year come from that the media is always quoting. In another of their posts I read that the start age from cervical screening in UK has actually come down to 24 and a half, a few years ago. Don’t remember hearing about that happening…?

    • Kate (UK) says:

      Ada, I think they’re referring to the fig-leaf policy of sending out invites to women at 24 and a half. Ya know, the one they brought in to placate the baying mobs calling for the screening age to be lowered. After all, 25 is such an arbitrary age anyway, what does it matter? (adds another eyeroll).
      Seems that the definition and thresholds of diseases is constantly being changed, so frankly I wouldn’t trust any of the figures spewed out.

      • Moo says:

        The baying mobs screaming about lowering screening ages…. The evidence that lower screening ages is just pointless is never discussed in the media. The idea that funding is cut for “women’s health issues, is the political cause. Instead why are women not fighting for real women’s issues such as equal pay (or better, a living wage), affordable housing and affordable daycare? It seems that women’s cancer screening funding is the smoke screen of all women’s political issues. I will keep point that out until people understand.

    • Kiwicelt says:

      Caroline, I have just posted some comments, one is up so far. Thanks for the information and the link. I have to say, seeing an article like this discussing HARMS of treatment following cervical screening is a bit of a first!

      • It definitely is! There are various doctors on Twitter getting their panties in a bunch about the fact it’s discouraging women from attending smears, it’s therefore irresponsible etc.

        I’ve added a couple of comments, will try and do some more today.

    • Demonhype says:

      The Kool-Aid is strong there! No actual arguments or refutations, not a one, merely and endless changed mantra of “pap smear save lives, how dare yousuggest they or the follow up are anything less than perfect!”

      These people are in a cult. A Heaven’s Gate level cult.

  9. katrehman says:

    Kiwi missed this yesterday but I’m plugging away today…

    • Kiwicelt says:

      Good woman! I saw one of your’s come up. Can you believe that poor lady on there, Love to be a Nanny who has been to all her Screening, had two cryo type treatments and two LLETZ procedures and is still dying of cervical cancer. She is still telling everyone quite firmly to have their smear tests and treatments!!! Surely you would be a bit pissed off and questioning the programme?

  10. katrehman says:

    UK ladies alert on they work for you..Apparently the screening committee is going to look at self testing for HPV in autumn. ..Ada know any more? Or anyone else? I won’t say it’s about time with women leaving in droves…

    • adawells says:

      Kat, I’ll have a look into this and dig out anything I can find. I know nothing about it, but someone did tell me ages ago, self-testing would never be a part of the UK programme, but maybe they’ve caved in under the pressure. The research I’ve seen has said that no interventions to increase uptake actually work, except for self -testing and I know Jo’s Tosh are pushing for it. If it ever comes about, prepare to see them dance in pink glory for having striven so hard for it and saved all us ignorant defaulters our lives!

      Other good news is that the UK screening information leaflets were updated last May to include a link on how to opt out of screening. Yes! It may be on the very back page but the link is there on the online leaflets and on new paper ones, however they’ve still got a lot of the old ones which don’t have it on to use up. I wonder when these will run out? I think we’ll soon find out when the besotted pro-screeners start squawking about it in Huff Post and The Fail. Remember how shocked they were when they changed the leaflets to say women had a choice and Paula Sheriff stood up in Parliament to get this information removed in case women started to question screening?

      • Judy says:

        Unbelievable and sad how women can be other women’s worst enemies. It truly weakens us all and that’s part of how we got here in the first place with these horrid invasive tests and lack of informed consent

    • Kiwicelt says:


      This is where we are at in NZ. They have delayed raising the screening age to 25 until 2019 and the new HPV Screening Programme won’t be introduced until 2021, it was supposed to happen at the end of 2018. Something is clearly wrong. I launched an OIA request but they redacted and withheld any relevant information. I am going to take this up with the Ombudsman.

      • adawells says:

        Is it not possible for NZ ladies to get hold of selt-test kits from overseas? It makes my blood boil that they keep saying it is embarrassment and cultural taboos which stop women from getting smeared. They use this line over and over again in the UK. The other group they target is the disabled. The fact that many disabled people may have made a consious decision not to have the test just passes them by.

      • katrehman says:

        The article is written as if they’ve just fathomed out women might have cultural taboos ( if they do. As we all know they might just not want it….Oh such a crime!!)

  11. ChasUK says:

    HPV jab should be given to boys, committee says

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