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  1. A huge welcome to Jessica! And this really got me thinking about how little the medics respect informed consent, even though I always knew they didn’t! We have 2 new women found their way here: one had an appointment made for her she told the nurse she wasn’t attending, Jessica was told to strip at a pill check( love your reply to that btw!!) 2 more women that we know are opting out… surely even the medics realise now control of the herd is. Lost?! But alas there always seems to be dosh to throw at the vagina police….

  2. Hi! I have been reading on this website for a few months and I have found it very helpful. But I think we need to take things further and extend this to children as well. Some paediatricians examine kids genitals for no reason every year. I literally read an article by a doctor saying it was good because it conditions kids to accept that kind of examination later on. That’s literally GROOMING!!! These exams were traumatic for me and are for many other kids because parents remain in the room but make their kids have them which is embarrassing and ruins any bond of trust with the parent. Same with digital rectal exams for kids when an X-ray can tell you the same thing. If you have to do one sedate the kid, no little girl wants some middle aged man penetrating their anus while their parents hold them down. Yes this happened to me. I still blame myself because my parents told me it was my fault. It wasn’t. I had no knowledge of sex but had a profound sense that the doctor had done something very wrong and shameful and that he must have enjoyed it in a sick way. After this I started displaying similar behaviours to children who are sexually abused. Studies show this is common. Children are very vulnerable because their parents consent for them. They literally don’t have bodily autonomy. Maybe if more children were given the choice to decline these exams, especially little girls, then more of them would grow up to not take shit in the doctors office. They even routinely finger babies’ anuses, it’s a actual thing. It’s horrible. And kids who are sexually assaulted are then put through it again in the exam room. I saw a YouTube video of how they position them over a pillow, just the way couples do for doggy style sex. The girl stayed clothed for the video but she looked so uncomfortable and humiliated. If she remembers this or sees it when she’s older it will really screw her up. You can also find so many “medical” photos of kids with abnormal genitalia online and they are always being held down. I guarantee you that kid does not want their bits on display. Everyone agrees that having child prisoners strip and get photographed for medical experiments at Auschwitz was horrible and demeaning, so why is it ok at a regular hospital? There’s a reason women and children have historically been lumped together as a category. They see us as the same. The think none of us are deserving of bodily autonomy and it needs to change. They literally view women as children. They think they are the masters of our bodies. But they are wrong, we are learning to fight back. Let’s lift the children up with us.

    • What was reason you were fingered as a child?
      My husband experienced this as some bs appendix exam. How is a funer up a child’s ass diagnose that? Anybody?
      A friend of family took her daughter for pap scrape at 16.
      She eventually became lesbian.
      He repeated a complete exam every 6 months as her results were irregular.
      He knew per medical school texts a developing cervix would show as irregular. But she is true blond so he used her…
      And you’re right. Kids remember and negative experiences will affect them for life.

  3. Hi ladies,
    I’m with Blieta on this one, from tomorrow mon 1st nov vaccination teams are to be deployed across England’s schools with the intention of administering the covid 19 vaccine to children between the ages of 12 to 15, they are to give talks to the children the aim of which is to achieve a large coverage, a child of this age is generally under parental consent, but they have found a stepping stone to get round this, by applying what is known as the Gillick competency test, if the parents do not want their child to have the vaccine, but the child does after “ assessing the child” and is deemed competent parental control can be over ruled by them and the injection given . I’m sure all the women here know how coercive and underhand these people are, lying about the benefits and barely glancing over the harms so how would a twelve year old stand any chance at all against them. My second point is ,would these devious sods try to incorporate this tactic into the HPV vaccine programme .
    Hugs Jules x.

    • Hi Kat, I’ve just seen it on the news. It’s good news, but why should they keep hassling this group of young women to still get screened? They should provide the statistics and allow women to make their own decisions, but the bullying goes on and on, and you’d think NHS has enough to do with COVID, right now. Instead of that we see they’re still pestering them to have 3 yearly screenings, when we know HPV testing can spread to 5 yearly as a minimum. The comments don’t display very well on my tablet, but already seen one complaining of the pestering you get if you refuse. GPs are clearly desperate.
      This really has to stop.

    • Ah yes, due to another number crunching exercise from that rabid pro-screener Sasieni.

      I’m glad I don’t donate to CRUK, knowing that’s where his funding normally comes form – I’d hate to think my money is going into the pocket of a man who’s spent the last thirty years cherry picking data to prove how ‘successful’ our NHS programmes are.

  4. Good morning everyone! I posted on here nearly two weeks ago and I thought I’d give you all a little update. I printed the form off, filled it in, scanned it, uploaded it, and last Friday got a letter back from the national screening service saying I had formally opted out of cervical screening. I AM FREE!!!!!!!

    errrrr no……. You have heard of the vagina police, well now the Cervix Stasi are onto me, the dreaded NHS GP’s receptionist. I got in from work at 2:30 this morning after a flight back form hell. at 9:30 my mobile starts ringing from a withheld number. I switch the phone off and pull the covers over my head. The next thing the land line rings and thinking it might be my mum or dad trying to call me urgently I run down the stairs and pick the call up. Hello its Surgery hear, we need you to come in and see the Dr urgently. I reply “Who is “Surgery”, and who are you”. Its your Doctors surgery and the Dr has requested you come in and see her urgently. Can I ask Why?” “well no as its confidential” “Then I certainly wont be coming in”. A long backwards and forwards discussion now takes place……”Well its because YOU HAVE DROPPED OUT OF CERVICAL SCREENING” (shock horror, lock me up, I am contagious, clearly insane, and am a danger to the general public).
    “yes that’s right”, “May I ask why”? I am asked “You may not” I reply. “look this is a very serious matter” ( so serious the surgery might lose some of its attendance bonus) “I agree its a serious matter, inserting a foreign object into my vagina without my consent is an ofence punishable by imprisonment”.
    “we are not getting very far here are we Jessica, I have made you an appointment for this Friday at 9am”, “Wow that’s soon, I thought you lot were supposed to be cracking under the volume of work, don’t bother I wont be attending” “now don’t be silly, we will see you on Friday at 9am, please avoid sexual intercourse in the 24 hours before Friday”.
    The phone goes dead and the arrogant cow hangs up on me. I have just switched my phone on and sure enough I have a text message confirming an appointment on Friday. I have just been on line and cancelled it and had a text back confirming its cancelled.
    I just cant believe the cheek and desperation of them to drag women in and put them through this process.Hopefully I have heard the last of this now

    • Can’t believe what you have written in your post, Jess. Your GP surgery clearly doesn’t know that they are behaving illegally and they cannot force any medical tests, or even force you to come in for a “friendly chat”. You could say that you will report them to the GMC, your local Clinical Commissioning Group, or PALS at the very least. The receptionist sounds a complete rottweiler.
      So pleased you managed to say all you did, and put them on the backfoot to reveal the real reason for their calling you. You could also mention that the leaflet clearly states that it is your choice, you have made your choice and have followed the procedures in the leaflet to opt out, and they are in breach of the General Data Protection Act to continue to harrass you by phone, mail etc.

    • Holy cow, Jess, that was nasty. What a cheek! I wouldn’t have cancelled the appointment, I would have let them set it up, wait for you, and then realise you’re not coming! And then give them hell on the phone when they called about your non-attendence. I would be ripping them a new one down the phone about treating a mature, intelligent adult woman like a 5-year-old kid. Definitely make a formal complaint about this. They’re very practised at pushing women around. Bloody hell. I’d switch surgeries if I was you.

  5. Jess that’s appalling the way she spoke to you! I seem to remember it is actually ILLEGAL to continue to harass an opted out person about screening! Maybe you could point that out to and Stazi should she not get the message!! Love your comments what u said to her!!😸

    • Hi to both Katty and Ada, thanks for your comments. To be honest I was half expecting a call from them, and I had a lot of my answers already in my head, more annoyed that the receptionist hung up on me as I had a few more words for her as well. I am a commercial pilot and i addressed her the way I would a drunk passenger who is one more sentence from being thrown off of a flight. I either shouted or swore but remained calm but in a very firm/assertive tone, and psychologically (or so we are told on training) this will have the best effect in diffusing a situation.
      I am a woman working in what is largely a male dominated occupation and domineering male know it all types are very rare in aviation, but if I had of kept the appointment for Friday and the GP had been male I would have counteracted every point he made with fact based arguments. My biggest regret from yesterday is that I didn’t get to tell the receptionist that it takes seven years to train to be a GP and all of seven minutes to train a receptionist to think that she is a GP.

      • I must remember that one about the 7 minutes, Jess! Pity we won’t see any great conversation exchanges like that on “GPs Behind Closed Doors” as I’d find that great TV!
        What so infuriates me about all this is their assumption that they control you and can force this test on you without your consent, and this is often from other women too. Women who would call themselves feminists are even behaving like your receptionist, and the GP should be fully aware of patient rights. Can you imagine men being called up in this fashion and spoken to like that? I can only guess at the abuse they’d get from a great many men, and yet we are expected to put up with this scolding and hurry along to be good girls so GPs can get their money. Consent and patient involvement is such a major thing nowadays, and yet it seems to be totally absent from women’s screening programmes. I’m often amazed that the authors who publish on cervical screening maintain a blindness to the bullying and coercion that goes on to achieve the uptake they hope for. They blithely maintain that women even appreciate the service and find it all totally acceptable and are in complete denial that any sort of force or underhandedness ever goes on. They claim that the women go because they are fully informed and consenting, yet your experience still shows it hasn’t changed much since the 1990s.

  6. Hi Jes,
    I urge you to file a complaint at the surgery mention the way you were harassed by the receptionist even though you have officially opted out you dealt with the situation admirably, but many other women cannot stand up to them and buckle under pressure, do this for them and when the receptionist gets her ass kicked maybe she wouldn’t be so quick to try this to some other poor soul , secondly enjoy your pap free lifestyle.
    Hugs Jules x.

    • Jules/Ada, I do plan to complain yes, just working out the best way of doing so. Interesting enough when the Receptionist called me she just said its “Surgery here” so I don’t actually know who called me so I don’t know who I can complain about individually just their policy. She isn’t as daft as we think she is! I am off to Dubai this afternoon for work and back home on Friday morning. Just as I will be heading off to sleep will be the time of the appointment that I cancelled so for sleeps sake I will be switching off both my mobile and unplugging the land line.
      Its going to be nearly midnight tonight when we land and the early hours of the morning before we eventually get to the hotel, bur I am going see if I can get a conversation going tomorrow if any of the cabin crew are around the pool to see if anyone else has felt coerced into getting this done.

      • If you note the time and date of the call, you can find out who was on shift.
        HR professional here.

  7. Jess you have just reminded me:? There was a pro screening site called cervicalscreen1 where the woman running it had had dodgy cells removed and now she was on a mission to support other women, she dragged various ppl out of the woodwork and one was a cabin crew for a Middle Eastern airline who said on her airline smears are a mandatory part of the medical process, and she thought it should be compulsory on all airlines! A few of us from here jumped on her, dunno if the site is still up and running!!

  8. Hi Jess,
    It would be easy for them to find out who made the call , just mention the day and the time of the call I’m sure they could work it out who was on duty then, “ and then let them have it ”say now that you have officially opted out that you will now consider any further contact on this matter will be considered as harassment and they will be hearing from your legal representative and you might as well tell them that you expect an apology off the trogg who rang you.
    Hugs jules x.

  9. Hi ladies,
    I have just found out that there is an app you can download to your phone which enables you to record your phone calls , if you let the caller know this at the start of the conversation it’s totally legal, I wonder if they would be so bossy and coercive if they knew that they were being recorded, (probably not)
    or you could always say that the call is being recorded even though it’s not, hopefully this should catch them off guard.
    Hugs Jules x.

    • Hi everyone, I am back and thanks for your comments to my post. I am going to complain and over the weekend I will write a letter that I will send via recorded delivery. Had a good crew on my trip to Dubai and back and when we met late afternoon yesterday for afternoon tea, I mentioned that I had been grumpy earlier in the week as I had been woken up by the Drs demanding I go for cervical screening despite the fact that I had formally withdrawn from the program. You could have heard a pin drop” You mean you can opt out it this? I thought that you HAD to have it done”.
      I went on to mention this site and forwarded the link to the opt out form and the website to 5 other women aged between 23 and 50 from across the UK who are now going to formally opt out. The younger ones said that there are a lot of youtubers and influencers posting saying they had gone for their first appointment and there’s no getting out of it you HAVE to have it done.
      Drs are not quite so pushy as they were 15 or so years ago but it’s still mentioned, more so by nurses at pill checks who ask when was your last period and when told that it was 3 weeks ago say “you are ideal for a smear test here and now let’s get on with it shall we” which I think is terrible as it uses what is called a creative pause (a technique usually employed by sales people) as when asked a question followed by silence it puts the person on the other end under pressure to say something usually yes.
      I will put a copy of my complaint letter up on here once I have finished writing it. Interestingly enough as a commercial pilot each year I have to have a CAA medical that lasts for around to hours and involves having an ECG. I wear lycra shorts and sports bra for the medial as it involves some exercise work too. Despite the detailed nature of the CAA medical no one has ever asked about when my last smear was or even mentioned my vagina.

      • Go Jess! Serious respect to you, though it’s awful that so many of your colleagues still think smears are mandatory! It shows that sadly the push to smear is still very real, though I’m guessing more are opting out!

      • Well done for standing up for yourself Jess and great to have you here on the site. Ugh, I can’t even count the number of times I was berated during pill checks, even called ‘stupid’ and ‘immature’ in order to force me to comply. I remember the leaflet that came with my pill even said ‘your doctor may check your sexual organs before issuing another prescription’ and I didn’t even question it – just dreaded that I would be forced to submit to it. I wish I’d had the understanding I do now when I was in my early 20s, but I was only ever exposed to the standard narrative that it was ‘for my own benefit’ and I would be extremely unwise not to comply.

      • I was also pleasantly surprised actually that the women you spoke to were not only receptive to your point of view, but wanted to opt out too. My workplace is a hotbed of screening fanatics who love swapping smear test stories over lunch, ironically enough about how awful the test is, whilst berating the ‘stupid women who put their lives and families at risk, I’ve got five friends, don’t you know, who wouldn’t be here now if it wasn’t for the smear”.

      • Thank you for your update on this. So glad you managed to tell other women about this site and that the test isn’t compulsory. It is very sad that so many women are blinded into believing it is, yet a lot of those involved in setting up and operating the programme believe there is no coercion at all and that women are voluntarily turning up for it without any pressure from those in charge. It’s what they call informed consent for this test, yet we know it is anything but. Let’s hope that these 5 women go on to tell another 5 women and get the message out there that women own their bodies and that they are not NHS property for GPs to make money out of. I used to work for the CAA at Gatwick, but nothing to do with the medical side of things!

  10. “Please avoid sexual intercourse in the 24 hours before Friday” WTH? Why would you need to avoid sex in the 24 hours before a ‘friendly chat’ with a doctor/nurse? That would mean they think it’s a forgone conclusion that they will be able to ‘persuade’ you into compliance. Absolutely disgusting. Well done Jess for standing your ground.

  11. Hi ladies, I haven’t posted for a while, but I still keep up to date with the site and read everyday. It’s just that I somehow don’t feel apart of the group as much now because of the way I wimped out at my appointment, so I’ve been doing loads of reading to try and redeem myself I have come across something that may interest you, when you go to your surgery to see the doctor you’re led to believe that anything you discuss is confidential
    think again , information is released to NHS digital who then pass on this information to other healthcare groups, pharmaceutical companies, universities ,research companies , and charities pretty much anyone who are prepared to pay for it. The information supplied to them is about your medications, domestic abuse , sexual health , and a whole lot more it includes your name ,postcode and other identifying factors although they stress that this is coded to prevent an individuals identity to be revealed , but many groups have set up opposed to this saying that if your information has been released to more than one place that by using a method called cross referencing it would be possible to identify some , and that the NHS system has been breached before by hackers and there is also accounts of human error , but there is a way round this and that is to opt out, you can stop your go surgery from releasing information by downloading a form called a type 1 opt out form , and you can stop NHS digital from releasing your information by opting out as well by using a type 2 national data opt out form, ( just type in type one opt out form and it all comes up) the government tried to bring this in under a cloak of secrecy to gain as much data as they could on its citizens .imanaged to opt out of both in 20 minutes , why is it that you are always included unless you opt out with these people? I have decided to take charge of my own destiny now and have blocked the surgery’s number from my phone and deleted it from my phone list and have decided to never go to them again for anything, and any letters that come Jules has been told to just bin them they are never going to make me feel the way I did ever again. I see we have some new members on the site ( Chloe and Jessica) welcome to you both , the women here are fantastic as I’m sure you’ll find out that.
    Ps I think you have up until March 2022 to use your opt out choice.
    Much love Annette x

  12. Hi again everyone, I have now drafted my letter of complaint which is outlined below (natuarlly I have used my real name, DOB, and NHS number. Feel free to copy any part of it you like if you are going to complain too. I have posted it this morning via first class recorded delivery so there is no excuse for them to say they havent received it:

    NHS Number: ********
    DOB: **/**/****

    Dear Sirs,
    Allow me to introduce myself my name is Kelly-Yvonne Jelley and I recently opted out of the national cervical screening programme which was duly acknowledged in writing from the programme itself. Imagine my surprise when a couple of days after receiving this letter I had a call on both my landline and my mobile from one of your receptionists saying that you wanted to speak to me as a matter of urgency as to why I had opted out. As I have said many times during face to face appointments that I am not interested in attending a cervical screening appointment and I have now formally opted out of this and I expect my choice to be respected. I would now like to make a formal complaint about your surgery based on the following points:

    1, I do not expect to be coerced into attending a cervical screening (or any other type of test for that matter) by a receptionist.

    2, I would like to complain formally about the attitude of your receptionist who called me. She hung up before I was able to obtain her details.

    3, I would like to complain formally about the attitude of your practice nurses who pester me relentlessly into having a cervical screening test that I do not want.

    When these complaints have been investigated then measures will need to be implemented to prevent this type of incident from happening again and these measures will need to be sustained. Additionally, under the freedom of information act can you send me the following:

    1, The training matrix for front of house staff. I am aware that it takes around seven years to train as a GP but it would appear it takes all of seven minutes to train a receptionist to think that she is a GP

    2, The standard operating procedure that all staff are following to coerce women into attending cervical screening.

    3, The amount of money the surgery received in 2020 and 2019 from the NHS as a bounty for the number of patients screened.

    I find it incredible that at a time when the NHS claims its buckling under the workload that your staff have nothing better to do than to harass me for something I do not want. Surely this time would be better spent treating elderly and vulnerable patients who genuinely need care. This incident has left my view of this surgery considerably impugned.

    I await your reply in due course.

    Yours faithfully,

    K Y Jelley.

    I will of course let you know what type of response I get if any.


    • I would also add in something about being told to turn up oven ready*, as Chrissy highlighted above.

      *ie prepared for a test you have formally opted out from

      • OMG Jan “oven ready” that’s made me laugh so much I am literally sitting here in hysterics. Its too late now as I have posted the letter.

  13. Need some advice on what to do on finding a new primary care doctor. I just found out yesterday that I’ve been dropped by my primary care doctor. No notice or explanation except that they claim I’ve not been in since 2017. I’ve been in since, but on a number of occasions, I’ve had to seek care elsewhere because the Dr. never has any appointments available. Also, the receptionist is very rude and often won’t pass along messages to the doctor or allow me to make an appointment even when ill or injured.

    I spoke to a different receptionist yesterday and she too was extremely rude and unsympathetic and said I would have to go to urgent care and that they could not recommend another Dr. for me. I asked how I could get back on the roster and she said I would have to register as a new patient, but he was not accepting any new patients, so I was out of luck.

    I honestly don’t want to have to go through the hassle of finding a new doctor and having to fight the inevitable questions and pressure about the “well woman” stuff. Any ideas on how to find a good primary care doctor?

    • Hi Susanne , I live in the US too and only use walk in clinics. I do not have insurance. Do you have to have a primary? Some people do use a PA as a primary. They are less likely to push the preventive stuff. I think there’s a difference between walk ins and urgent cares. Where’s Wilkins were I go ( to the same pa). She said she has regular patients.

      • I don’t know what the general trend is but it was PAs that were the most forceful about the paps and managed to force me into gyn procedures/exams as a kid. I’ve heard some people mention that PAs may have imposter syndrome since they’re not real doctors and that can force some of the unethical ones to lash out in this way. I have no idea, but that’s been my personal experience.

    • Hi Susanne
      I’m in the US too. It’s really difficult now because many physician’s practices have been bought up by large hospital systems. The doctors are basically following a script from the corporations they work for to drum up as much business as possible including pressure to see a GYN from an affiliated office, to have a mammogram at their center, etc. If you are able to see a NP that may be better as they often seem to be more accepting of different viewpoints. Please keep us posted.

      • The walk-in I go to, does not push screening on me. When they do the patients history, they only once asked after the date of a last Pap smear and if I have ever had a mammogram? I said no and the nurse didn’t bat an eye or scold me , however I was scolded by a nurse years ago at another walk in when I didn’t have a last Pap smear date for her to record. I hate that question btw. One time my grandmothers friend recommended her PA and said she’s so greate and listens. She can do your Pap smears too.” I keep quite because I didn’t want to explain that I don’t do that screening. But I almost went to her later for a chest pain. I’m glad I canceled. I get the feeling she might if pushed paps. The walk in I go to does have regular patients. She prescribed me anxiety meads. She was nice and only addressed the reason for the visit. I’m not sure her practice is even equipped for gynecologist care. I know different areas are different. I know there’s a difference between walk-in clinics and pas .

    • Jesus Susanne, they sound bloody awful! Talk about militant doctoring. You’re better off away from them, they’re on a power trip. I’d leave them a review saying what your experience was with their ‘care’.

    • I’m also in the US. My experience finding a new family doctor has been mixed.

      I’d gone without for a number of years, and finally needed to see one. I didn’t bring it up, he didn’t ask – over a period of several years. I moved, and after a few years needed to see one, as a blood sugar screening given at a flu clinic showed that my genetics for diabetes had caught up to me. She didn’t ask over a period of several years. Then, she “disappeared” – I haven’t figured out why. I had to find another. I’ve been pushed and harassed – including by a receptionist who told me “the nurses” required that I have a pap test and pelvic (I hate that term – it has nothing to do with my pelvic bones!), and told me to turn up at my diabetes check “oven ready”. Sorry. I outright refused. Another time, when this new doctor was out on maternity leave, I saw a new resident – whose major focus of the diabetes check was to talk me into penetrating my vagina. He seemed to have no interest whatsoever in my diabetes, or blood test results (which I also got from the lab). Grrrr. The implication was it was part of the “price” I’d have to pay to receive treatment for my diabetes – the #7 cause of death in the US. The next year, I just couldn’t handle it! I did some negative things when trying to deal with it.

      As of next time, I plan to tell them I do not consent to the test, I do not consent to discussing it. I’ll point out that I’m paying for it by the minute, and it’s partly being paid for by Tricare – a government-paid-for “insurance” for military members, retirees, and their dependents. As they’re threatening my health care, it’s coercion, a type of force, and using it to gain access to my vagina and/or anus is a crime. Get up to leave if they persist, and tell them that when I walk out I intend to start filing complaints and reports. It’s upcoding a visit, or downright fraud, when they’re charging the Federal Government for a visit which has as it’s only purpose to coerce a patient into an OPTIONAL test which the patient has refused, and not address the reason they came in. That’s “defrauding the Federal Government” – a crime in the US that can get you buried under the jail. Conveniently, there is a toll-free “Fraud, Waste, and Abuse” line. It’s patient abandonment to withhold treatment – another crime (state and federal). Perhaps some investigative reporters would be interested. Perhaps some state agencies. Perhaps the city government that gives them an occupancy permit for this (with reporters present at the city counsel meeting). As it’s using coercion as a form of force to “allow” penetration of my vagina/anus, complete it with a police report.

      For Kleigh, I’ve gone to walk-in clinics, and been asked “When was your last pap?”, and they told me they could do it “today” along with wrapping up a broken hand or whatever.

  14. Hi Susanne,
    With rude receptionists and a doctor that can’t be bothered with you, why the hell would you want to go there anyway, look around I’m sure you could find an improvement on that bunch, arm yourself with the information on this site to avoid unwanted tests and seek out the care you deserve.
    Hugs Jules x.

    • Yes, Jules exactly – there is so much information on this site that can be helpful in learning to assert oneself in a medical setting whether in the NHS as you and many posters are or in our insurance-based system in the US. Both systems have issues respecting informed consent in woman’s healthcare so assertiveness is crucial.

  15. Hi ladies,
    I’ve been reading up on the contraceptive pill access in the states, it seems there are a few groups setting up over there to make it accessible over the counter the strongest opposition is from gynocologists themselves saying women would miss their
    “vital checks ” if they could just go to a pharmacy and buy them , others have been more honest about it and said if it happens we might as well shut up shop and find another profession (so that’s the real reason as if we didn’t know that already) it seems that until women in the states have the same freedom as over 100 other countries that have now taken the pill off script,that they will carry on trying to push these tests to rinse every last dime out of the female population before the states catch up with everyone else, they are all so corrupt. So if possible start up similar groups or sign petitions it’s time to force change over there, and in turn this will free you of doctors pressure in the exam room.
    Hugs Jules x.

    • I read yesterday that some states are now allowing pharmacists to prescribe the pill after a questionnaire is asked. They even said most woman aren’t aware of this option though. It’s not in all states .

  16. Hi Everyone, I haven’t posted on here for a few days as I have been away with work. My GP surgery have received the complain letter I sent last week and have acknowledged it and said that my complain is being dealt with and they will provide me with a detailed reply within 14 days. As soon as I have something more detailed I will share it with you

    Kind regards,


    • Wishing you luck Jess! It seems that many of us here have spent much of our lives in a battle for bodily autonomy. I hope they begin to respect your rights and that it changes the way they interact with other patients too.

      • Jo’s Trust page on promoting informed decisions https://www.jostrust.org.uk/professionals/cervical-screening/informed-choice One of the risks is a ‘small chance of overtreatment’. Small chance? That’s not what I’ve read. And, nothing about the harms that can result from said treatments. And, why aren’t they pushing for self testing? It’s literally the same thing as the HPV primary test that is currently carried out in person. I laughed out loud at the part on the page where it said “The information should be unbiased and factual – not swayed towards either the positive or negative”. Isn’t this the charity that produces resources aimed at young people to convince them of the benefit of having the test, has posters saying “it’s five minutes that could save your life”, has done nothing to remedy the appropriation of their logo for such odious campaigns as the “don’t be a diva, it’s only a beaver” and which is now rolling out their ‘time to test’ initiative where they want people to ‘raise awareness of the benefits of screening’ and have it mentioned at team meetings and even weddings??!

      • At a wedding?!?! At a wedding?!?!?! Just the thing for every new bride. I thought the droit de signeur was abandoned by force of the peons 100s of years ago.

      • Lol Beth, the were talking about giving our pin badges or something like that at weddings. I wouldn’t be surprised, though, if the next step is to have some kind of template to incorporate awareness raising about smear tests into the vows, or wedding speeches!

  17. The weddings thing is hilarious considering most people think of marriage as the end of having additional partners where HPV could be exchanged. Maybe it’s for the guests? Party favor?

  18. Hi ladies,
    I’m still laughing at the wedding bit, maybe they want to include it in the wedding vows, To have and to hold and from this day forward to undergo relentless testing by the NHS , they really are beyond help
    Hugs Jules x.

    • Jo’s wanting to push this at weddings is absolutely disgusting.

      Is it a way to try to encourage new grooms to become coercive about ensuring their new wives attend their screenings? I see how it could be used as a tool for abuse too, especially if he may be paranoid about her cheating!

      I can’t imagine anything more gross to discuss at a wedding if I’m honest and sounds a bit misogynistic. I’ve heard some women who say they wanted a “health MOT” before they got married to ensure they were free of STD (you’d think both partners would do this at the start of their relationship) and “fertile” 😬
      So, I can imagine how the discussion of a smear at a wedding might be framed. Vile!

      • A few years ago it, the twat care rage was al about “pre conception care”.
        Gurss that didn’t work out.
        Now the bride to be gets additional pressure; this time from her groom.
        He won’t have a clue why he’s following the orders either.
        Why isn’t Jo’s BS nagging the groom about having a q-tip shoved down his penis for an STD test too?

      • I remember that preconception care mess. They even wanted all woman seen as “pre pregnant “. Weather they wanted children or not. To keep there body ready for a healthy pregnancy. Through pushing gynecologist exams.

  19. Hi everyone, I have just had a call from the one of the senior partners at my Drs Surgery who I complained about the other week. They have now investigated my complain and have asked me if I would like to attend a meeting with them for about 15 – 20 minutes this coming Friday where they will go over their investigation with me and offer an explanation and give me the chance to express my views. I am not working on Friday so I have agreed to go along although I made her confirm verbally while I was on the phone that I will not be coerced into having a cervical screening test at any point during the meeting. I will let you know how it goes.


    • If they try to push any more screening or say, “but we do recommend you have the screening”, I would threaten legal action if they don’t back off. Their behaviour is no different to harassment.

      Is it possible to ask her to confirm to you via email that they won’t push screening? I suppose you could say you are worried and want written assurances.

      Well done to you for standing your ground though. Sounds as though you have put the frighteners on them!

  20. Hi jess,
    You have the opportunity here to really drive the message home to them, tell them that all the literature on cervical screening points out that it is a CHOICE , and never to make assumptions on behalf of their patients, and once a lady refuses that should be the end of the matter. If they try at this so called meeting to coerce you just get up and leave telling them they haven’t heard a word you’ve said and will be reporting the surgery to the GMC . (Then go and buy yourself a nice pair of shoes ) you’ve earned it.
    Hugs Jules x.

  21. Hi jess, When you attend this meeting tell them that you will be recording the meeting having taken legal advice , ( a little white lie won’t hurt )and that the receptionist involved must be in attendance ( this way she won’t be able to deny it ) and that if you are not satisfied with their explanation, and apology the matter will be referred to the GMC , and if they have a website that you will be putting in a scathing report on their unprofessional behaviour.
    Hugs Jules x.

    • Omg. Adawells, that is truly horrifying. We all knew this was going on, and not only in France. This would be a reflection of what is happening ANYWHERE that Ob-Gyns exist.

      Society has to get over thinking doctors are to be trusted.

      Society also has to get over thinking women lie, we’re dumb and we don’t know what is good for us.

      Obviously, putting total trust in doctors is a bad idea. We must promote awareness that women must be cautious when seeking healthcare. We must do our own research and always trust our instincts.

      We also have to stop the smiling, singing, ‘we’re-all-in-this-together, so just get it done for-your-health’ campaigns that promote womens cancer screening.

      Telling women to get pap smears and mammograms/breast exams is just dropping us into the hands of predators who take advantage of their access to us under the umbrella of womens health care.

  22. Hi ladies,
    The screening programme is changing in 2022 , the open Exeter system is being wound down and is to be replaced with a new system which will be designed by NHS digital for a group called the NHS personal demographic service, (pds) for short, at the moment there are 84 data banks they use for the programme this will centralise to one , so hopefully this will cause chaos when it’s brought in and spare a few more women in the confusion. Ps good luck to Jess today.
    Hugs Jules x.

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